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ok i know y  but i just want someone to talk to.

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I Think Bella loves Edward more than she loves Jacob
well DUH! lolz
i hate that though...jake was so much better for her...even CHARLIE likes jake more!
she sholdve of choosen Jacob because he could of gave her a better life but if she loves Edward nothing can stop her,,,love i the ultimate experince((:
woah cool it be nice -_-
Yea be nice. It was just a simple question.
She chose Edward because her love for him was as strong as when werewolfs imprinted. Once you saw that person nothing else mattered. He is her true love. Now, if there were no vampires or werewolfs and no alternate reality Jake and Bella would have been made for each other. They only would have been together in the real world.
*sigh* sad but true
i HATE that jacob didn't get bella
"her face turned pink. the color was so beautiful, it twisted my stomach like a knife"
who was being rude was it me the who put that there


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