The Twilight Saga

New moon stars Alex Meraz, who plays shapeshifter Paul, dished out about the worst part of playing a werewolf: he told Ok! magazine of his filming experience in Vancouver. "They gave us heat packs we put in our shoes, and when they do close-ups on our faces, they'd let us have them for our arms and hands too... They accommodated us because we're such wimps!" Ha! I don't really imagine them as wimps. i mean, just look at the bodies! especially jacob!

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i know! jacob is so hot!
jaja,,,yea i know right and OMG Jacob is hhhooootttt!!!!!!!!!!!!
hahaha thats funni. they are hot. mmmhmmmm.
yeah i was watchin speacil features they didn tnot say anything but i saw ya know little flashes with heat packs!!!
jaja,,really i didnt see that((=


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