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As a Mother ( i know there are a few of you out there) What impact do you think this effects Bellas abillity to go above and beyond

I was thinking after a post on my page (by Michelle-thanks) about the photos of my children (whom keep me sane and i love beyond anything) i began to wonder......was it the fact that Bella had become a mother that intensified her "powers". Would she have them if she hadn't? would they lay dormant until she did.
What do you think?
I know Stephanie is a mother of 3. Did she bring this into her books.....only a mother would know!

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I guess this could be true. I know that when it comes to my children and my husband, I have this intense and fierce, almost animalistic need to protect them above all else. I am generally very protective of and loyal to my nearest and dearest but when it comes to my children and husband it is sooooo much stronger.
Agree (-:
I think she's alway had powers but I don't think it would have been as intense. Like Edward couldn't read her thoughts. She had her Shield even then. But I think that when she had her family to protect she drew on herself and it was more powerful than I think she ever could have imagined. LOVE is an amazing thing.
But I know what you mean about being a mother. And you can only know once you are one how fierce and protective you become. They are yours and you will do anything to keep them safe. My girls were very early and I almost didn't want some people to see them because I didn't want to have to smile politely at things I knew were obvious to everyone.
M :D
Yeah hearing you there.My youngest son was born early too but he was born with a club foot.....Very precious....all ok now he's 10 now and runs,plays footy and even does dance lessons. I would do anything to stop anything hurting my kids.
It may have been true, also at the time she does become a vampire as well and that may have had something to do with the fact that her powers are intensified as well as becoming a mother. Anyone who has children knows that they would go the ends of the earth to protect their offspring that is just nature for all people. Even though in new moon she is trying to protect Edward from the volturi without her powers and she does use her words towards aro when felix is going to kill Edward. So there are always not just her powers but also her words even after she becomes immortal.


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