The Twilight Saga

Does anyone know for certain?? Because I'm not sure whether I want to order mine from Amazon or just buy it here, but I don't want to wait! TT_TT

I really hope it's the same as the US release date; I'm sick of them getting everything first. 

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To be honest, I would be suprised if we get it at the same time as the US, especially considering it seems that no Australian bookstore has it on the records.

My suggestion, if you really want it, is get it from They are alot quicker than Amazon. Last time I ordered through them, I ordered on a Friday and a courier was at my door on Tuesday. I have never had anything that quick from Amazon.
Thanks (:
geeee that is pretty quick!!! u in Aus??? that is insane did they charge a lot for delivery?
Yes, I am in Australia - actually, it was really quick considering I live in Tasmania.

And I can't remember who much delivery was, but no more than Amazon
It is not far away I should have got my facts correct first but it is either the middle of March or April
16th March it is on the saga home page Hatchett books announcement
This isn't about the graphic novel is related to relaease dates. Can anyone tell me when New Moon is to be released on dvd in Australia and where I can order from? I was in Virgin the other day and they had the release date as the 14th April!! but I thought it was coming out on March 20. Has anyone ordered region 1 dvds from Amazon, do they work on Australian (region 4) players?? HELP!!!
HI Chantal

It is coming out on 14th April in Australia where as it is 22nd March in UK and 20 March in US

Regarding the DVD thing, please see the thread New Moon DVD Update

There has been lots of conversation on there about the DVDs from other countries and also region/region free dvd info,.

Hope this helps
Well, I went out an bought a region free dvd player from the good guys yesterday and the guy was really helpful, loaded the kids up with lollies and everything. When I walked in the were playing cricket through the middle of the store, thought they were all going to burst in to song like on the commercial. Very happy with the player and now am all set. Which overseas version of the dvd have you bought?
I'm glad you got a salesman who was helpful in the whole region free thing!

I got the UK 2 disc version from Amazon (UK)
I think that region 1 dvds can play on region 4 players if you have a special code to change the format... But I don't know any... >./body>
OK, I now buy my bks online only cuz it's cheaper. The OL store I reg use is Booktopia, they're based in Chatswood, NSW. They have a massive warehouse & can access OS books easily & delivery is promt (as long as what you want, they have in stock & doesn't have to come from abroad) They also allow you to preorder bks before the au release dates eg Twilight, the graphic novel is currently up for pre-order at $21.95. You need to register & payments thru the usual methods & direct bnk deposits. I've compared BT & several others similar & BT gets my vote for pricing. You can also try Amazon & The Book Despository but you will need a credit card. Hope this helps.


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