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I love the character of Bella, and would love to be in her shoes at times, but I have been wondering, being a mother and all, how it would be if Bella was my daughter ... would I still think she is ideal. I love the fact that she is confident, does her own thing, is mature, does housework etc..

But she hangs around with some strange people, does not commuicate much, has secretly a boy in her bedroom every night.

Would you still like to be her parent?

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Yes I have often thought about Charlies' perspective. I think with his human instincts to sense danger he already knows something is not right explaining his attitude to Ed. I don;t think that it was the james weekend that was the smoking gun. but he if really knew I think that the cullens would have to leave town very quickly as it would turn into an old fasshioned witch hunt. ending in tragedy. but as a teenager I think that we have all done something behind our parents' back. Bella is no different only it is under the guise of pretecting charlie for his own good. Bella's chosen life would frighten any parent.. But in Stephs world. we are being shown that acceptance of all things different . Vampireism is not worse than any other disability or condition and instead of fearing the 'different' and the eccentric we should accept. Sorry did i go too deep
I'd probably say yes to having Bella as a daughter, although her love interest is a concern, she is a very honest although withdrawn young woman. Hey she doesn't smoke, drink or take drugs so all round not a bad example and let's face it although we all know what Edward is we all still couldn't help ourselves falling in love with him.
I've thought about that too (haha I'm not old enough to have kids though) I think it'd be terrible being her mother!
Always taking off in the middle of the night, spending most of her time with massive, unexplainably changing boys, and sinking into severe depressions without explanation. From our point of view, where we know what's really going on it looks fine, but when you think about it from Charlie's, he has no idea what's really going on, no wonder he hates Edward!
Don't worry, I love Bella as much as the next person... and hey, she does do all the house work! But I dunno, I think she'd turn your hair grey in one night.
Did anyone else notice the role reversal with Bella and her parents? Bella has to be home in time to cook Charlie's dinner, clean the house, do the laundry etc all while she's worrying about what her hair-brained, erratic mother is up to.
And she takes off to Italy without so much as a word to her father.
I know it makes for a good read but as much as she's a great character, no I would not like to be Bella's parent.
besides being honest.mature etc i think all escapades would give me heart failure!! im not a mother yet but i my hair would stand on end permanently!!
Though im not a parent, i think i would deffinately come down to what the parent could handle. Some parents would be able to handle more than others. She would deffinately be alot to handle, what with all the taking off with out proper explanation, and completely shutting down when edward left, again with out any real explanation about why she was so effected by his departure. but untimatley i think she would be a good daughter to have. she is obviously very caring and thoughtful, which can be seen in the way she takes care of everyone around her and puts herself last. Keeping her self-esteem up would be my main concern if i was her parent, she doesn't seem to believe in herself much at all.


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