The Twilight Saga






Carlisle Cullen: Peter Facinelli

Esme Cullen: Elizabeth Reaser

Edward Cullen: Robert Pattinson

Isabella Swan-Cullen: Kristen Stewart

Renesmee Cullen: Mackenzie Foy

Rosalie Cullen-Hale: Nikki Reed

Emmet Cullen: Kellan Lutz

Alice Cullen: Ashley Greene

Jasper Cullen-Hale: Jackson Rathbone



Sam Uley: Chaske Spencer

Jacob Black: Taylor Lautner

Embry Call: Kiowa Gordon

Seth Clearwater: Boo-Boo Stewart

Leah Clearwater: Julia Jones

Quil Ateara: Tyson Houseman

Paul: Alex Meraz

Jared: Bronson Pelletier



Emily Young: Tinsel Korey

Billy Black: Gil Birmingham

Sue Clearwater: Alex Rice


VOLTURI (Including Guards):

Aro: Micheal Sheen

Caius: Jamie Campbell-Bower

Marcus: Christopher Heyerdahl

Jane: Dakota Fanning

Alec: Cameron Bright

Demetri: Charlie Bewley

Felix: Daniel Cudmore

Renata: Olga Fonda (Rumored)

Chelsea: Janelle Froehlich



Sasha: Andrea Powell

Tanya: Myanna Buring

Kate: Casey Labow

Irina: Maggie Grace

Carmen: Mia Maestro

Eleazar: Christian Camargo


Senna: Tracey Heggins

Zafrina: Judi Shekoni

Kachiri: As Yet Uncast



Amun: Omar Metwally

Kebi: Andrea Gabriel

Benjamin: Rami Malek

Tia: Angela Sarafyan



Maggie: Marlane Barnes

Siobhan: Lisa Howard

Liam: Patrick Brennan



Stefan: Guri Weinberg

Vladimir: Noel Fisher



Nahuel: JD Pardo

Huilen: Carolina Virguez (Rumored)



Peter: Erik Odom

Charlotte: Valorie Curry

Garrett: Lee Pace

Mary: Toni Trucks

Randall: Bill Tangradi

Alistair: Joe Anderson



Charlie Swan: Billy Burke

Renee Dwyer: Sarah Clarke

Jessica Stanley: Anna Kendrick

Mike Newton: Micheal Welsh

Angela Weber: Christan Serratos

Eric Yorkie: Justin Chon

Max: Wendell Pierce (Rumored)

Toshiro Weber: Masami Kosaka (Rumored)

Gustavo: Sebastiao Lemos (Rumored)

Kaure: Carolina Virguez (Rumored)




Bill Condon posted the following pic on the official Twilight Facebook page.
Summit confirmed it is legit, and is indeed Kristen’s arm




First offical photo from Breaking Dawn Part 1 - Bella and Edward on their honeymoon



Picture from Isle Esme... released by Summit




Honeymoon - playing chess 


Jake on motorbike


Carmen and Eleazar






Alice and Bella getting reading for the wedding



Esme with Denali sisters


Honeymoon - Breakfast


Honeymoon - Waterfall


Jake running - with an invitation in hand?



Edward & Bella 


Aro, Caius and a mystery woman/vampire


Sometime before the wedding - In Bella's bedroom (being packed up?) 











First Trailer






Note from Kaysi: I would like to thank everyone who posts updates on this thread. Special thanks goes to K - who is unofficially in charge during my times of absence, and DantezGirl, who runs a super awesome thread somewhere else, and I sometimes steal her stuff :)




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Thanks K!

Thanks K!!!


I wonder how many Nessie's they will end up using...

Rob back playing the piano in BDp2

Carter Burwell tweets:

Was there a Renesmee Lullaby in the book? I can't remember
Ah nice Rob back on the keys, he's not a bad musician. God knows why he hasnt put an album out or something, he would clean up. Come to think of it the last thing i would want if i was a serious muso would be the majority of my fan base 13-14 year old girls... hummmm
I think Rob has a large fan base of under aged well as quite a few older ones too :D
I think alot of the younger ones prefer Taylor actually. But I think its kinda good he hasnt tried to cash in on the hoopla. If he wants anyone to take him seriously its best if he waits.

I agree with your comment about him and the hoopla (just cause I like that word), but I do disagree about the Taylor thing.


I have recently become privvy to younger Twihards (13,14), and, there are ALOT of Rob obsessed ones out there!!!! Granted, most of the them are Rob fans because to them, he is Edward, but still. Mostly younger ones like Rob - its not until the get a little older they tend to like Taylor (15,16 - must be hormones).

- of course, this is just from the younger peeps I know of.

I wasn't sure. I was mainly thinking 15, 16 year olds anyway. My cousin is 10 though and loves Taylor and thinks she is going to marry him....and probably have puppies

It could just be the ones I know of.... who knows. I try to ignore most of what that age group has to say... cause I can.


Now now, dont make me explain the fact that actors are not fictional characters to you

Say what??? You mean I can't hook up with Rob and have my very own flesh eating sparklepire??? *bursts into tears*

*raises eyebrow*


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