The Twilight Saga






Carlisle Cullen: Peter Facinelli

Esme Cullen: Elizabeth Reaser

Edward Cullen: Robert Pattinson

Isabella Swan-Cullen: Kristen Stewart

Renesmee Cullen: Mackenzie Foy

Rosalie Cullen-Hale: Nikki Reed

Emmet Cullen: Kellan Lutz

Alice Cullen: Ashley Greene

Jasper Cullen-Hale: Jackson Rathbone



Sam Uley: Chaske Spencer

Jacob Black: Taylor Lautner

Embry Call: Kiowa Gordon

Seth Clearwater: Boo-Boo Stewart

Leah Clearwater: Julia Jones

Quil Ateara: Tyson Houseman

Paul: Alex Meraz

Jared: Bronson Pelletier



Emily Young: Tinsel Korey

Billy Black: Gil Birmingham

Sue Clearwater: Alex Rice


VOLTURI (Including Guards):

Aro: Micheal Sheen

Caius: Jamie Campbell-Bower

Marcus: Christopher Heyerdahl

Jane: Dakota Fanning

Alec: Cameron Bright

Demetri: Charlie Bewley

Felix: Daniel Cudmore

Renata: Olga Fonda (Rumored)

Chelsea: Janelle Froehlich



Sasha: Andrea Powell

Tanya: Myanna Buring

Kate: Casey Labow

Irina: Maggie Grace

Carmen: Mia Maestro

Eleazar: Christian Camargo


Senna: Tracey Heggins

Zafrina: Judi Shekoni

Kachiri: As Yet Uncast



Amun: Omar Metwally

Kebi: Andrea Gabriel

Benjamin: Rami Malek

Tia: Angela Sarafyan



Maggie: Marlane Barnes

Siobhan: Lisa Howard

Liam: Patrick Brennan



Stefan: Guri Weinberg

Vladimir: Noel Fisher



Nahuel: JD Pardo

Huilen: Carolina Virguez (Rumored)



Peter: Erik Odom

Charlotte: Valorie Curry

Garrett: Lee Pace

Mary: Toni Trucks

Randall: Bill Tangradi

Alistair: Joe Anderson



Charlie Swan: Billy Burke

Renee Dwyer: Sarah Clarke

Jessica Stanley: Anna Kendrick

Mike Newton: Micheal Welsh

Angela Weber: Christan Serratos

Eric Yorkie: Justin Chon

Max: Wendell Pierce (Rumored)

Toshiro Weber: Masami Kosaka (Rumored)

Gustavo: Sebastiao Lemos (Rumored)

Kaure: Carolina Virguez (Rumored)




Bill Condon posted the following pic on the official Twilight Facebook page.
Summit confirmed it is legit, and is indeed Kristen’s arm




First offical photo from Breaking Dawn Part 1 - Bella and Edward on their honeymoon



Picture from Isle Esme... released by Summit




Honeymoon - playing chess 


Jake on motorbike


Carmen and Eleazar






Alice and Bella getting reading for the wedding



Esme with Denali sisters


Honeymoon - Breakfast


Honeymoon - Waterfall


Jake running - with an invitation in hand?



Edward & Bella 


Aro, Caius and a mystery woman/vampire


Sometime before the wedding - In Bella's bedroom (being packed up?) 











First Trailer






Note from Kaysi: I would like to thank everyone who posts updates on this thread. Special thanks goes to K - who is unofficially in charge during my times of absence, and DantezGirl, who runs a super awesome thread somewhere else, and I sometimes steal her stuff :)




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Also, some pics from set of the Cullens "backyard" for fight training etc:




I am sorry to do this, but I did mention thw "Twilight surprise" at the Oscars...


So now I go back to my original statement: Who cares


I have to admit, I do like the HP part

Darn it:


I liked it. But really they shouldnt have mentioned having anything twilight related....this doesnt really count

it says its been removed :(

I found the one that does work...thanks for the giggle :)

Thanks to K.....


Rob on Breaking Dawn set on Wedenesday 23 Feb (confirming my earlier pic):






And, footage of stunt rehearsals for the "Bachelor party" scene... ie; Jasper and Emmett coming to Bella's house to collect him:




Hi all. Since my friend was visiting this weekend I haven't updated the thread, so here is a rundown:


Rumoured picture of Kristen on BD set with a possible teenage Renesmee



A feature at the Twilight Convention in LA over the weekend;  Breaking Dawn costumes for Robert Pattinson ("Edward Cullen"), Kristen Stewart ("Bella Swan/Cullen"), and Taylor Lautner ("Jacob Black").



A recent interview with Peter Facinelli revealed the following info about BD:



Filming updates:


Set decorations for The Cottage:


The Cottage covered in snow:


And its snowing at Jacob's house too!!!



Oh, and just cause I like the photo, Kellan Lutz and Jackson Rathbone have arrived in Vancouver for filming (isn't the purple case just adorable?)


Breaking Dawn lutz rathbone 04mar11 17 Breaking Dawn News: Kellan Lutz & Jackson Rathbone Have Arrived In Vancouver To Beging Filming! breaking dawn filming news



No, Kellan got dropped quick when I found Jackson :D But, that is Uncle in the background.


Yes, JR and purple... I don't need much more in life than that!!!

Okay...for a little bit of gossip. lastest reports say..  

(POV of a Fan visiting the set)  

I have a couple of shots from Bella’s house where they were filming yesterday – although you can’t really see much of anything except the black screens. The security is super tight – the production company “purchased” all the roads around Bella’s house so that no one was allowed to “loiter”. We were not allowed to get anywhere near the set or any of the vehicles. After about 40 mins of standing back the police came and told us we had to leave. We couldn’t be anywhere on the road within 3 blocks of the set. From my understanding they were filming at Bella’s house for one day only – I can’t believe they built a whole house for just one day of filming! We were told none of the cast were on set, but I’m positive that that was a lie as they would have been there if they were only filming one day. Also, another girl who was standing with us saw Charlie that morning and we were pretty sure that we saw two of the wolf pack go by in the many vans with darkened windows that were flying up and down the road.

Breaking Dawn Breaking Dawn 2011 002 Breaking Dawn Filming News: Exclusive Fan Report From The Set Of Bellas House! bella swan


As you can see... you can't see too much.

With some more cast members arriving but still a few who aren't arriving for another couple of weeks. I would put bets on this Wedding being the last thing to be shot! Ensuring they keep it under wraps for as long as they can.


K, where did that BD logo come from? Is it official?

Haven't you seen that before..... ??

Umm...It's the one my stalking posse use....

No the one above is the 'official' this is their version (which I think is way better!!!!!..LOL)


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