The Twilight Saga

Okay... Suimmit have FINALLY given us info!!!!


"The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn" will be released on Nov. 18, 2011


A Summit Entertainment spokesperson has confirmed to HitFix that "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn" will open nationwide on Nov. 18, 2011.  It's still officially unknown if "Dawn" will be broken up into one or, as rumored, two films.  Stars Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are all expected to return.

Directed by Oscar-winner Bill Condon, the fourth book in Stephenie Meyer's popular series chronicles Bella's most advanced initiation into the vampire world to date, but is also seen by many as the most difficult to adapt of all the best-selling novels.   Melissa Rosenberg, who adapted the first two novels, would continue in that role for "Dawn."

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Sorry Cougs, had to put it out there :D
Well there goes my job!!!! Darn it...I am not getting stuck with pads.....HMPH!!

Two films YAYAYAYAYA I thought Stephenie was happy to do that... I knew it was Bill as I have been watching for any believable info..but yes my job got taken...then you get pads!!!!
It doesn't say it will be two films - that hasn't been released yet!

Oh, and no, I don't care for that job... you can still keep that one, since it is for you breeders anyway LOL.

Hey, I got the info, I had to share! (so we can all start looking at flights)
Mark your calenders girls!!! Its ladycation time!!
It certainly is!!!
God help everyone!

Tee hee
too hoo!!!! grumble..pads...LOL!! Breeders!!! yes that doesnt help the cause.....I ll be right as long as we dont have pillow fights jumping on beds.....
Suzi look up NOV 2011 it is to be released so pencil it in your calendar....KC took my job..."mumbles"..she gives me a job then .....I get stuck with pads....get it stuck...BOL!!!
seeing as they are breaking it up into 2 movies(parts) are we goin be to able to watch them both on the same day? as in watch the 1st half, have an interval, then watch the 2nd half?.... im only asking cos they are breaking the last harry potter movie into 2 parts also, but they are showing one half in NOV 2010 and the other half in JUNE the following year(so i heard)- dumbest idea out if its true!!
They will definately make you wait there is no way they will release them both at the same time.

Kristy are you coming to the sunny coast for bd like everyone else *batting eyelashes looking super cute*


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