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WHO wants to drool over these boys... come and chat.

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I got the Insider's Guide (Companion) this summer. It's really great!
here is Vishous

here is close to Wrath almost.

Mmmmmm....that's a nice Vishous...grrrrrrrrrr....

Have you guys imagined Wrath as an attractive guy? I never really imagined him as one since he appears scary more than anything in the novels.
I imagine him to be in human years late 30 early 40 same age as Butch.. built like this guy i put here and dressed like Blade (Wesley Snipes) so this guy is really close. Wrath is scarier because he is bigger. all male... almost 185cm tall very broad shoulders.. all muscle. like the wrestlers on tv. still looking for my butch.
I think V story was not that good and i thought it was a bit far fetched how his wife came back. I loved Wrath, and Z. and Rhages story. john Mathew. well xhex wheres the pants in that will be interesting to see how the series ends.. we still have Quin, Payne,Lara will Saxon and D. stay together? at some point they all seem to be Bi sexual didn't they?
I agree with you about Wrath.

I've seen a few other people's choices for Butch. Here are a couple (which don't do it for me, but perhaps they will for you):

I actually felt sorry for V. His father was well...who he was, his mother was never there for him when he needed her, he has those visions (especially the ones of how his brothers are all gonna die), he was in love with Butch and his woman turned out to be a ghost in the end. I mean...really. Talk about being screwed.

I'm thinking that the next book will probably be either Quinn's or Blay's (leaning more towards Quinn) or perhaps we'll get one book on both of them. Have you heard anything about the next book? I saw an interview somewhere where J.R. Ward says that there will definitely be more books. *squee*
ther will be but in can be indefinatley just keep adding new characters.. but i really wanted Blay and Quin to end up together
Yeah, I kinda do too.
hey Buffy Jenine said she was coming have you spoken to her? this is a nice group of two. Just rmembered.. what about Mhurder, i almost forgot about him. how is he going to handle Xhex being married? do we will eventually get them all married off. so how do you think this series can end?
I don't believe that Jenine has read these yet. I know she's bought them, but I'll email her right now and ask her to get her butt over here so we can make this a bit more interesting. I also know that caz has read these as well. Do you want me to ask him to join the group so he can come on here too?
has FATHER MINE in it.. so all is well. you can if you like. but this is not an official group remember...but he wants to talk there are official fan sites... but if he wants to talk here. well.. if he wants to.
I spoke with Jenine. She hasn't started reading the books yet. *frowns*

I've told caz too so perhaps he'll join us.
I started! I started!!

Not reading anything here yet (just looking at the priddy pictures)

I will come back and post comments after I finish Dark Lover.....


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