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WHO wants to drool over these boys... come and chat.

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To start the ball rolling who is your favourite. vamp... this is Zsadist.


*jumps up and down like a moron*

Thank you for allowing me that moment to squee over my ultimate favourite vamp series. Now allow me to post pictures of who my brothers are:



Zsadist has always been Channing Tatum for me, but Wentworth Miller is also a pretty close representation of what he looks like to me:


I know Phury & Zsadist are supposed to be twins, but I'm weird so here is my Phury:

I've yet to find a guy that actually does justice to what Rehvenge looks like in my mind, but here are some guys that I've found on the net:

luurvvve Rhev. no.3
luv Rhev no 3 true!!!!! He's got that hard edge
hey Bufffy I like your Phury he matches my Z. and they are twins after all.
your Wrath is nice so is Rhage but not quite there for me. I will find my guys and show you.
This is my Butch:

Now that I've posted all the pictures of the guys (well, the people who resemble MY brothers, anyway), I'll just say that Zsadist is my favourite brother and Rehvenge is also a favourite character of mine.

Lover Awakened is my favourite book out of the entire series. I really disliked Phury's book. I never found him that interesting, anyway, but his book was just really boring to me. I was disappointed with the fact that Rehvenge's book didn't really focus as much as I would have liked on Rehvenge's story, but really had a lot of other things going on at the same time.

I finished Lover Mine last week and I was really....surprised over some of the developments in said book too. (I won't say anything though, in case people haven't read it). I'll just say that I was disappointed that the rest of the characters/brothers were pretty much MIA in this book and I really missed them.
I have read all of them as well and I was disappointed in one outcome but maybe it will happen later..
yes PHury's story was a let down .do you have to be into S&M to like V? although the story did go a bit too far over the edge for me with Jane.
Cant wait for the next book still questions unanswered. hav e you got the "companion book"
*snickers* I don't think you need to be into S&M in order to like V. I actually quite liked him. In fact, I liked his book a lot. Some of the flashback scenes were a bit disturbing for me in both Vishous & Zsadist's book but I liked their stories, overall.

Have you read Lover Mine?

I don't own the companion book yet, but I HAVE read Father Mine, which was just...awesome... XD
Father Mine ?????
Father Mine is a novella. It's about Zsadist & Bella. I um...have it on electronic form if you want me to email it to you.


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