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WHO wants to drool over these boys... come and chat.

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Zsadist is my favourite as well... XD

Rehvenge is my second favourite.

The only thing that I disliked about this series is the parts regarding the Lessers. They were sorta boring and I was quickly reading through them to get to the juicy parts.... XD
I hear you with MR X and Mr O etc...but it gave the Brothers their was to go out and knock them off and it gave Butch his purpose I suppose as we were all wondering what he was able to contribute to we know:D

But yes I have to admit I was thinking everytime Mr X and Mr O etc popped up it would be interrupting an exciting scene and I was like darn it hurry up and get back to the exciting scene...loL!!!

Im not feeling Rhevenge at moment but I havent read enough. To me he is just Bella bro and bar owner and drug dealer. I need more..but getting there with the reading.

Interesting how J R Ward gave these Vamps a heartbeat which goes against norm and they bleed.
I skipped those bits too 2nd time round and I skimmed through the blood letter and Z's past. but I think I am paying for it now... wasn't Darius and Vishous both descendants of Bloodletter .. how did the brothers all end up together from the old country I wonder...

Vishous found Darius diary and was reading it in the cave thingy until he got caught with it. Then eons later it ended up with the Chosen girls etc locked away, then Phury gave it to John.

Darius had been in a camp for training but I dont think with the bloodletter as boss.
V read the diary for comfort. I thionk from memory V hoped Darius had it better than he did.
Im now understanding Manny and Payne a teeny bit. Im thinking Manny is V's brother?? I may be wrong.
Nope nope... XP

Try again.. XD
hmmm...he is going to be a brother???? There's something about Manny the doc ??? hmmmm
I don't know if Manny is going to be a brother and I've read up to Lover Mine. Do you really want to know who/if V is/has a sibling?
buffy while you are waiting for next book are you reading her new series. 'Fallen angels"?
I haven't. Is that the one where "Covet" is the first book?
I have ordered Covet and Crave. I have spoken to another Author who I have been using as my talking partner on BDB..we have been happily ranting our eyeballs off. She has read Covet and she liked but thought BDB better:D

Once I have gotten through book 8 which I have on preorder 45 days or something like that then I will read Covet and Crave as I am just hanging for more of J R Ward.

BlueAngel good call on them.

Fever series by Karen M Moning is brilliant too only 5 in series :( but 4 are available now. I love thinking about books as I read them and theories etc and I am stumped on Fever series. Which I like as its a challenge. If you know all the answers then predictable. Karens Highlander series is not as good by long shot. great writing but still same kinda romance plus uber smexi , if you know what I mean. No need to change Buffy..anyhting above its okay:D
I love John and Blaylock. I feel like they are going to be the bff buds .


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