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WHO wants to drool over these boys... come and chat.

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I have read Covet and have just finished Crave... which has a brotherhood spoiler in the back for next book be careful... I have read similar series about a highland er..
called the Outlander series... by Diana Gabaldon. sex is good in a different way... not so animalistic.. historical romance..
Cougar do you actually chat on official website?
Howdy as in which official website? Black Dagger?
Yeah, every time I've heard stuff about the Covet it hasn't been very positive. I was in a bookstore this summer and kept seeing it on the shelf and thinking: "Hm....maybe I should just buy it" and then I'd just change my mind. However, I think I'm going to finally give it a shot. After all, it's J.R. Ward. I love her writing. I know that it'll be difficult to top BDB, but it's ok. I'm starting to get curious enough to want to read it.
Buffy, it does take a bit of time to change the brain patterns . bit slow to get going tkes half bk to set up story and half to get it moving but i too like her style and the way her men talk give covet a go. pick the cameos from brotherhood... there are going to b 7 bks in this series..

cougar. yes I did mean the official BD . JR ward website.. i myself have not only because I am over spreadnow.
I've ordered the first two books. I should be receiving them this week, I think.
Howdy Buffy,

I figured Payne was his twin because Scribe Virgin had her ??? locked away and was releasing her at end of book 5. I think she was locked away by Scribe Virgin, got a tad confusing when Payne popped up from wherever Scribe had her.

V just looked oddly at Manny and felt something when he ghosted into his room to nab the pic of the 6 chambered heart. Something went on there with V and he thought 'brother'for some reason . Must look that up again:D I may be misinterprtting it. Unless its book 9 with Payne and Manny hence his brother in law?? That could be it:D
See I thought that was a big surprise...give away for the next book.. I am dissappointed that this was revealed.. unless there is a bigger surprise hidden in the next book for us...

Well I kinda just put two and two together I may be wrong!! I do that when I read I have my theories:D

Yup yup. She's his twin.

I do remember V referring to him as "brother" but I'm not sure which of those^ two reasons that you stated it might be. I'd rather it was because he's going to be Payne's mate not because he's a brother. It's all going to get too damn perfect if that's the case. I mean, that's what happened with Butch too...and he ended up being a descendant of Wrath's in the end. That was a bit too convenient, I thought.
I had found these a very veeeeeeeeery long time ago, therefore, I thought I'd share. Some of the choices for the guys are not very good, but most of them are ok...:

I finished Dark Lover!!! Woo hoo!!

It took me ages as ive been really busy but I finally got there. YAY! I really really liked it. I liked reading from the different pov's and the only part I didnt really like was Mr was a bit boring but I guess you kinda need to know whats going on with them as well. I really liked Beth as a female lead as well, she didnt annoy the crap out of me like most of them do. And Wrath grew on me.....I wasnt sure at first about him (apart from the smexiness obviously) but I really liked the how their story was resolved with the wedding etc rather than reading 3 books about the same people to get a proper ending. I was so worried he was going to die....sitting on the edge of my seat. Pheww......I would not have been a happy camper if he had.

I am dying to read the next but think I will get crescendo done first and then focus on these properly and probably read the other 5 (that I own) and order the others all in one go. I did get a bit confused with the brothers sometimes with descriptions, names and who's who since there are so many of them but Im interested to hear all there stories. I saw the banners Buffy posted today and I do like Angelina for Beth but I like Buffys first choice of Wrath with the black and white image and coloured one beside it with the necklace.....yum (even though the hair isnt quite right....meh)

Another part im interesting in and happy about is how J.R has worked Butch into the story I want to hear more about him and Marissa (she cracked me up)

Thanks for reccomending Buffy I luffles you <3


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