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WHO wants to drool over these boys... come and chat.

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*tacklehugs you*

That's freaking awesome.

I felt the same way about the Lesser parts. Every time I've re-read the books I just skip over those parts...>.>

This is one of the reasons why I love this series. It has likable female characters and the brothers are just smexilicious. I know that the names of the brothers are a bit confusing now. I felt the same way when I first read the series and kept thinking..."Um...who is that again?" But you'll get to know them better once you start reading the second and then third book.


*sits on floor and waits for you to start reading and finish Crescendo*

I luffles you too my dear. I'm so damn happy that you liked the book! XD

Edit: MY Beth is not Anjelina. It's Kate Beckinsale:

ooh Kate is a good choice too!!! they both happen to be heading up my Id turn for list

You know what *whispers* I was tempted to back shelf crescendo......but seeing as I have about 6 to read I should "do" patch first so they BDB boys can have my undevided attention. I think this is a series I would re-read as well (skipping over the lessers and probably havers too) because there is just so much too it. I am going to get caine to read it once I get it back of Kristina too *waggling eyebrows*
I really think Caine will like it. I got....*coughs* fiance to read them and he really liked them. He just hasn't read the latest one because I stole it from him when he took it out of the library while I was there this summer. He had to return it before he got the chance to read it. Poor thing. I was ignoring him whilst reading it....but he enjoyed the benefits of the effects that the book had on me...>.>

Yeah, I suppose the right thing would be to just Crescendo out of the way. "DO" Patch. I agree. *nods*
Yes they tend not mind being ignored if the "side effects" are carried out correctly >.>
hey i only got my Crescendo today. don;'t spoil it talking about it here.. this is blackdagger only please.. Jenine welcome. to te family. I converted my sister in law 2 wks ago she is hooked big time. have any of you checked out the brotherhood group I gave you the link for?
Pre orders are now being taken for LOver unleashed... Do you girls knowabout the Brotherhood companion ? have you read Father Mine. which should be read before bk. 4.

I have finished Crave... still waiting for Lassiter to make an appearance.. series not as good.. slow reading
No worries. We were not intending on spamming the BDB thread with other books. We merely mentioned her reading it. We'll talk about Crescendo in the appropriate thread.

I'm already a member of the official website. I don't really post there or take part in the discussions, though.

I own the "Companion" as well and have read Father Mine.

Oh boy....I just ordered Covet and Crave. I did NOT want to hear that it's slow reading... :(
Where/how do I get father mine if I need to read that before book 4?
It's now available in the Insider's Guide. But, I believe I have it in electronic format. I'll email it to you.
thanks babe
check this out... its very pretty..

wow!! darn was I meant to read something before Butch's book....crap:D I knw about companion and I think is there a Zsadist and Bella novella or something?
Kate Beckinsale is sooo beautiful..sigh


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