The Twilight Saga

WHO wants to drool over these boys... come and chat.

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I did say once you start BDB you cant stop:D

BOL!!!! Wait til Butch and Vishous and Zsadist.......sigh!!! cream.......
hello I am back.. how have things been? Buffy Cougar. What's doin'?
Hi BlueAngel:D

I ordered BDB Insiders guide today and my Lover Mine should be dispatched from Book Depository shortly..its processing...can't wait for it to arrive:D
I pre- ordered my copy of Lover Unleashed today. roll on March...
have you heard of fishpond? that is where I get my books from. it is an Aussie branch of Amazon.. I have looked at Book depositry not quite sure I like the cheaper formats. you would get them quicker. or. sometimes paying a bit extra to buy them a the shop is worth getting them sooner...I don';t think I could wait that long . and its better now they are being released in hard cover. can't get the first 6 in hard cover anywhere... very rare or very expensive.. not sure prepared to pay $400 for a dual copy in hbk.. but will pay that for jewellery.
my sister in law has now recruited readers in brisbane.. she is so hooked i gave her my copy of insiders guide and bought myself another one .but she won't come and join us...


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