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what would you take from each of our Twi boys to make one perfect twiman?

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Jake's body, Emmett's humour, Carlisle's patience, Edward's passion, Jasper's manners (good southern gentleman he is) am I missing anyone?
Eds. passion and his eyes and his smile, Jaspers voice and his smile, (yes , I have two smiles) Carlisle's comapssion, Jakes wellll, nah. cna't do it.. I just want Rob, Taylor and Jackson two days each. so that is 6 day week taken care of. On the 7th day she rested... {)))
jacobs body em well thats about it LOL!!! im obsessed that a nearly 18 yr old can have that body!! i know i know not right, i cant help it!
Hmm, Need to think about this one. Will be back once I've taken care of my little ones. But, yes, am visioning gorgeousness lol. I just see a lot of Edwards Smile and eyes and hair and well okay Edward is perfect to me. I would feed him a little more though lol.
Edwards affection, smile, eyes, embrace ahhh and his heart (yes i believe that despite wot he thinks, that he has a heart and soul!), Ems humour, Carlise compassion and self strength, Jaspers mood powers; as long as the mood is what i want and he doesnt use it too calm me down when im angry!!! and just like blue angel, cant take anything from jake he just seems so young
Oooh, how about Jakes sunshine and warmth. Just thinking about that makes me feel nice lol.
if he wasnt so child like id prob like him a bit more but omg Edward is just the best!!! im so obessed with r pattz atm too :)
True, but that bod. OMG!!! When he jumpmed into Bella's room and she doesn't know what he is and it touching his stomach. I'm like OMG girl!! How could you resist????.......
LOL quite easily when she only has eyes for Edward it would be easy to resist! - he may have an awesome body but Edward is so kind and gentle and loving and adorable and sweet and affectionate need i go on? ahhhhh if only we each had an Edward Cullen!!!
Hmmm - OK.. Just for fun.

Kellans or Taylors body, Taylors skin, Jacksons face - especially eyes and smile, oh, and dimples (although Kellan has nice dimples too!), Peters morals, Alexs ability to laugh at self, Robs... um.... accent (see Jenine, I did it!)

Emmetts humour, Jacobs warmth, devotion and comfortableness, Jaspers manners and emotional compassion, Carlises control and compassion, Charlie's reluctance, Sams leadership, Quils confidence, Embrys shyness, Mikes persistance and Billys ability to keep a secret. Oh, um, Edwards... driving ability (aren't you proud Jenine)

EDIT: And under NO circumstances do I want ANY form of sparkes/glittering/shimmering on my mans skin!!!
Agghhh - I was going to make special mention of the sparkles too!!

Will go edit

I shouldnt have said anything

He somehow manages to make sparkles look sexy


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