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Hi fellow diehard Twilight fans....yes you know who you are!!!

After watching the 7 min approx Eclipse feature..I came to think wouldn't it be nice if we could write David Slade a message with our hopes for the movie. I know it has been filmed and possibly still in the editing stage..who knows, only they do.


I can only hope if anybody chooses to enter this thread that they do it with a mature comment and take the opportunity to really be honest and clean about their feelings for you were sitting opposite him and you were asked the question.


I shall start with my honest thoughts...I'm not necessarily talking film content because I think we are past that is made..think about editing..deleted length...



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Hi all..

If I were talking to David Slade/Summit Entertainment, I would say:

I hope that when it comes to 'editing' this movie..please do not edit this movie too much. After seeing alot of deleted scenes from 'New Moon', I am a bit crushed that sooo much was edited out. I understand length of movie is to be taken into consideration, but, many movies are well over 2.5hrs these days. I don't want all the good bits the 'emotion' of the movie to be saved for the DVD!!!! I want the movie to have the 'emotion', no patchy bits because editing took that for the DVD, EXTRAS.

This 7 min Eclipse feature looks really like you have given it your all...but please don't place the connecting scenes ( the parts that make us see sense in how all of a sudden we are in this scene), in the deleted straight to DVD pile. We all understand that scenes get deleted...but don't loose the movie for the sake of DVD Extras....

'New Moon' sooo many deleted scenes I have watched that should have rightfuly been in the movie...time don't see how that is an issue..these movies are gold..they will make money regardless.

Summit Entertainment, we will see a movie if it is 2hrs 55mins not under estimate Twilight fans..

P.S. I am available anytime of the day , I would be on a plane quicker than a mozzie could bite me to discuss this..LOL!!


I agree Cougs - but considering they just hired a new editor - I assume the other one didn't cut enough for their liking

KC I am making a stand against 'chop...chop'..there is too much going on in the Twilight Saga for my liking..hopefully this editor will be a diehard Twilight Fan..I'm only asking they hold back with their scissors..LOL!!!

Here I was thinking the script wasn't well written...too much 'chop..chop'...soo much more makes sense when you watch the New Moon deleted soo much more to the movie.
i totally agree with cougar! PRETTY PLEASE do not edit too much of the movie for the sake of dvd extras and definately DO NOT underestimate twilight fans. i personally would watch any twilight movie especially eclipse, no matter how long it is. Even if it was 3.5 to 4hrs long, i would still be there for the midnight showing and providing i have the extra cash, i would more then likely go to the cinema more then once to see it. i'm very positive that other twilight fans would agree with me. the twilight fans are ones who make you your money!!! :)
Thanks Kristy!!!!!!

I have 2 responses...yayayayay!!!

I second everything you just said:)
LOL!!! Second thoughts maybe not 4hr movie...may need an interval during that..but I think nearly 3hr movie is very reasonable these days....especially for such a massive sure thing like these movies..they are a sure thing money put it all in..give the fans the really isn't that difficult to leave the scenes in when the money etc is available..and it is!!!
I am having a difficult time trying to find out of the New Moon deleted scenes and thanks to KC..YAYAYAYA!! I have seen quite a bit...I dont get why they weren't in the end product..the words...they brang more to the movie..they brang the book..emotion..I love Charlie on the bed with the deleted scenes..the movie was more a joke at Charlie being a ladies man..but the lead up to that was had Charlies emotions at loosing Bella..grrrrrrr!!! Dont get me started:)
Your hopes are in vain I think - the new editor is the one used for Twilight
shoot! isnt a strong enough word cougar! lol
Deep Suzi, deep



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