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Hi fellow diehard Twilight fans....yes you know who you are!!!

After watching the 7 min approx Eclipse feature..I came to think wouldn't it be nice if we could write David Slade a message with our hopes for the movie. I know it has been filmed and possibly still in the editing stage..who knows, only they do.


I can only hope if anybody chooses to enter this thread that they do it with a mature comment and take the opportunity to really be honest and clean about their feelings for you were sitting opposite him and you were asked the question.


I shall start with my honest thoughts...I'm not necessarily talking film content because I think we are past that is made..think about editing..deleted length...



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ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes !!! deep..very deep!!!!
Cougar... what deleted New Moon scenes?? I didn't have any on our dvd's!!! Are they only online??? Please help!! Thanks! :)
Lydice, don't know if you have found them yet - head to the New Moon DVD thread in the Aussie group - there are a heap there
i would mind a 4hr movie.i can handle an interval-yey! more snacks! lol
I agree that the movie can be long, 3 hours is not pushing it these days I mean look at Avatar.
Please Mr Editor don't delete the scenes that have all the funny quirky bits in them, I believe these really make the characters real, just because they are not essential to the plot doesn't mean they need to be cut. We are Twilighters... we like detail...
Hi Suzi!!!

Yes I can say that I would definately sit through a 3hr twilight saga movie. I watched Avatar and got and did a load of washing and came back to the Tv and was still bored!!! I need a lengthy movie of romance, action and substance - it would be nice to have the book made true on film.........though the chances are slim with the same croneys working on it!!
Hi MArissa....

I'm supposed to be painting...and reading...and ...etc...having a kit kat ( break)...I do hope David Slade sees his name and reads all this...would be great...just DON"T CHOP TOO MUCH!!!!!

I have to admit with the New Moon dream deleted scene with Edward , wolf and Bella looking at herself in bed...I kinda got confused with that one and didn't really dig it...another dream ..sure!! but I just didn't like that glad that got the chop chop....I feel nervous that David is a wonderful director..his genre zombie/horror...that he doesnt come in too hard.From the featurette it looks wicked..he has definantly juiced it up to be more his genre way of depicting a movie..with the New Borns walking through the timber yard and showing us their strength with moving large tree cut offs etc...that looks powerful.....more so than the book. In the book , New Borns kinda are just there on the mountain so that looks a wonderful take on the New Borns. Understanding the New borns and how they came to be e.g. Riley that looks great...hopefully the tent scene has all the VAVAVOOM that it should...

I wait nervously for this movie...all the scenes from the book are probably there..but when it comes to the editing thats when I think we have been let down....I honestly thought Kristen etc......just weren't given a true correct script...true to the book....I now see they were, through the deleted scenes. ( New Moon)
I thought Kristen for e.g wasn't giving us the emotion we needed...well she was its all in the deleted scenes..which I'm sorry Summit ..Directors...writers...suits!!! I just don't get it....

Sincerely I would and the fans would like an explanaition as to why all the story ends up in the deleted scenes for dvd...well not all the story...the connecting parts we need!!! that help it to make sense. E.g motorbikes in New Moon...the deleted scene made soooo much more sense to the story...give us those extra Stephenies books the justice to the big screen they need...I dont understand time...'Avatar 3 hours" and the list goes on...won awards for its brilliance...the money is still flowing in..James Cameron doesn't accept time as an issue or for that matter money...why do the Twilight saga movies seem to have time and no doubt money as an issue???????? Grrrrrrrrr!!! No brainer they will make brainer fans have said over and over again that 3 hours we will watch it over and over to see it over and over again.....
Twilight fans , I know the only movies I have seen more than once at the cinema ..ever!!!! are the Twilight movies...all other movies ..Avatar included I have seen once....brilliant movie...but the whole fam going bit expensive to see more than once...Twilight movies I just grab a friend and away we go again...strangely enough even though I am consumed with thinking all the way through the movie about what wasnt in it...why...why is Bella on some random guys bike...that wasn't the book..I know its supposed to explain her need for bikes..but why??? just put the deleted scene in and add to it...

Sorry ranting here....happens once in a awhile...sorry:D

David my offer still stands..I could be on a plane quicker than a mozzie could bite me if you need a fans point of view...a dedicated readers point of view:D

Oh Cougs - you nailed the answer to your own question yourself, without realising it!!!

No brainer they will make money

Summit know, that NO MATTER WHAT, fans will fork out their money to see the movies. Summit are there to solely make money - so knowing that they will get it, why pull out all the stops to make the fans completely happy when they don't have too!

Obviouisly, there has to be a certain standard kept (although not convinced if that standard was used with Twilight)... but why waste time, money and effort in putting in the extra effort in?

If Summit really cared about the movies, rather than the profit, they would have ditched MR, kept Rachelle and put everything they had to into the movies... but no!

I won't blame David Slade too much with the chopping - it really isn't his final say. The guy has to work with the material he is given (from MR) and make it good (hard task!). Obviously he will have some say in the chopping, but ultimately, it will be up to the editor and Summit. I think David will do the best he can do, given his material and limited power, but I certainly won't hold him responsible for things like what is or not in the movie (MR) and how it is cut (editor).

And lets face it, with MR still writing the scripts, there are going to be some useless scenes added, and important ones taken away. And lots of things rushed. And the editing.... well considering the fired the original editor, and put the one back on from Twilight - well I certainly am not holding my breath!
SO elequently put!!! LOL!!!

WOw!! We are both ranting today.....I have a friend who is an editor he has his own suites ..they are actually staying over Easter..hence my painting frenzy...

Anyway, he sits with a producer of a commercial, or tv show and he gets told what to keep in and what to I think David has more say than you think. My friend who I went to school with and started as a camera man for channel nine and now does freelance editing and work for Fox..says that you basically sit with a producer..etc and go through it inch by inch.

I hear you when you say about Summit are getting dollars no matter what so why should they want all the good bits in..the sensible far as MR I read she keeps rewriting until Stephenie etc are happy with the script.What she writes isnt it..necessarily...I think I should send you what I sent MArissa.I think I was my attempt at a manuscript that I sent ...yeah I went there...giggle Chris Weitz ...didnt hear back of course. I just got frustrated with Twilight movie being so far removed from Twilight book that I spent 5 weeks , using mainly Stephenies words to write a manuscript for NM. Now the movie was already being filmed..but I was just very engrossed..and quite frankly wanted to know how hard is it really to get the story right. I admittedly 'googled' how to write a manuscript..I spent days understanding to the best of my non professional manuscript ( never done one before ) how to write one as in the margins etc...that alone was an eye opener and then I basically went into driven mode and wrote it...mainly with STephenies words from the book...which of course now I can see little changes are great. E.g Volterra and the Volturi fighting with Edward..was action the movie needed but was not in the good change. A little deviation from the book can be great but Twilight was a little abused in the deviating part..LOL!!!!! Greenhouses..and designer salads...but being in the forest asking 'I know what you are" was creative in a great way. I shall send it to you and you can use it for dunny paper ( ouch!!) or you can read estimation for NM was 163mins approx..I had a wicked time writing it..I learnt alot...its a big!!!! job to write a manuscript...but I found it was something I would love to do in life especially when you have a book to go on...just got to realise its good sometimes to deviate from the book to make the movie better than the book in parts..and to not get too carried away with arty farty rubbish that just annoys fans. When a book sells so well are going to get pooped on if you stuff the movie version are true to the books.. Fans can be fanatical...The Suits at Summit shouldnt be abusing the fans money by putting all the sensible connecting scenes in the deleted scene pile ( most weren't deleted cause they were rubbish..on the contrary ..saved for juicing up the DVD..naughty Summit)

Hmmmm I shall pm you and ask for your email address if you want some extra dunny paper..giggle I would love your honest opinion.."big grin"
Ha ha - I can always do with more dunny paper - just kidding.Í'm more than happy to give my opinion (I know, shocked aren't you).. but it might be awhile til I can get to it.

I certainly do not pretend to know how hard it would be to write a script - but MR does not get any sympathy from me, that is her job, she willingly took it, and gets paid BIG $$$ to do it. I know some stuff has to be taken out (as it would just be dead boring) and some stuff has to be put in (to stop it from being dead boring), but to me, MR doesn't do a good job. Twilight - well don't even get me started on that! NM - well I liked some stuff, the Victoria causing Harry's heart attack impressed me greatly, but the fact she missed the whole Jacob going into Bellas room (CW made her put that in), the cinema (CW made her put that in too, with a push also from KStew), missing the part where Bella tells Jacob about Edwards and Alice's powers - yet, the powers are mentioned in front of, or by, Jacob later on... just to name a few. Now Eclipse - well going on the draft that was leaked, which I know is an early version, some major things were missing in that (leg hitch - COME ON, how could she forget that)... I only mention that one, as pictures have been leaked to prove it's now in there.. other scenes were also missing that should be there, some things were changed around for no valid reason and some things were spilt out way to early, and not in the right way.

Now onto your comments re the director. I don't believe they have alot of power. Yes, of course they have power, but not as much as one thinks. Remember CW was going to retire after his last movie (before NM) cause he hated the movie and he had no say in the final product etc. The power ultimately lies with the producer... not the director. Sure, the editor will take direction from the director and producer, but will ultimately go with the producer.

Now bearing that in mind, remember, the movie is not the producers baby. The director certainly has more emotional connection to the movie, and even the storyline, whereas, the producer has the connection with the company, in this case Summit. And of course, Summit has the connection with the $$$.

I also believe, that as per your own examples of editors, that you note they work with the producer, not the director.


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