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Hi fellow diehard Twilight fans....yes you know who you are!!!

After watching the 7 min approx Eclipse feature..I came to think wouldn't it be nice if we could write David Slade a message with our hopes for the movie. I know it has been filmed and possibly still in the editing stage..who knows, only they do.


I can only hope if anybody chooses to enter this thread that they do it with a mature comment and take the opportunity to really be honest and clean about their feelings for you were sitting opposite him and you were asked the question.


I shall start with my honest thoughts...I'm not necessarily talking film content because I think we are past that is made..think about editing..deleted length...



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LOL!!! we are ranting today...quite therapeutic....

I hear ya KC...I think when I get my call from David to jump on a plane..airfare paid for by Summit you are coming with me..buddy ol pal secret weapon ..Yoda can have a kiddie seat up the my own way I am agreeing with you whole heartedly....shocking I know I have seen NM 4 times at cinema..and find myself not really able to enjoy it wholely becasue I am thinking of all those issues..funnily enough...yes oh yes we needed all those little things that meant soooo much to us as the reader/fan/twihard....I looked for them they weren't there. I was at the midnight session like all the Twihard fans...and my gorgeous friend was asking me afterwards..."so what did you think"? she knows that I unfortunately will start to reel off so many emotional bits from the book that didnt make it..most probably filmed..but dvd worthy. This is why I want you to read my version as I think due to my driven craziness at the time I pocketed it all...I want you to tell me what I didnt ......I cut Emily from my version as to me she would pop up across the fire in Eclipse..she has such a small part in the book /film that I didnt want to waste seconds ...stuff has to go ..but can make it elsewhere..anyway woman send me your email address so you can at your leisure read it:D

I would certainly go to the States with you - we will sort them out!!!

I have to say tho, I was much more impressed with NM than I was with Twilight in regards to the storyline being true to the books... I just would have been better with most of the deleted/extended scenes.

OK, first opinion, you should have left Emily in :D

No you have to see in the context I left her may surprise you...I really thought about what I was must sacrifice a little lamb for the sake of lots...Marissa was honest with me...well she had better have been honest with me.."hands on hips"!!! EMily was making it in my head in Eclipse..e.g looking across the fire and seeing her face..etc...I have not left out the scene so to must read..woman...

Yes NM was much much much better in storyline I agree.. must read...then tell me. or Yoda will visit you:D
I would have to read it, as I like the timing for Emily's entry in New Moon.

I think her entry had multiple said and unsaid impacts.

I will do, but it won't be for awhile, lots on at the moment


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