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I am so sick and tired of hearing ppl say that they think Bella and Edward could have be played better by diff ppl! I seriously think that they are perfert for the roles and that there def is off screen chemistry between the two of em which makes them work so well together! They make u feel the passion and love they have for each other... They are the perfect Edward and Bella!



Who would be the better alternative? Zac Efron and Miley Cyrus?? - I dont think soooo!


I mean come on seriously ppl, couldnt have picked better actors!

....just wondering what you think???

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NO WAY! robert and kristen were the BEST AND I MEAN THE BEST that the casting directors could of picked for the twilight saga. they play bella and edward just how i imagined them and i love them for it! they are prefect! like you said they make you feel the passion and love that they have for each other and also bellas pain when edward leaves. i have always thought that the casting directors picked the best actors for the other cast as well. the cullens, charlie, bellas mum and jacob are all perfect for these movies, they all fit their roles perfectly-they do a fantastic job!
I think they picked the other actors well tooo.... im so sick of ppl complaining sbout the actors most of the time its ppl who havent even read the books or watched the movie!!!! and as for ppl who dont like bella cos she is 'stringing' jacob along ummm have u read the books??? watched the movies??? she tells him straight out every time that she loves Edward he is for her and that she loves Jake as a friend she even reffers to him as her bro sometimes! i mean come on ppl wake up!!!!
i think nikki plays rosalie fantasticaly!! yyeah same thing here with zac efron and miley cyrus!! no thanks!!
♥ i agree 2!!
robsten 4eva :) :)
I really was not sure about Rob but after seeing the sexual tension in both movies yes I think it was great casting , his other worldly look suits the vampire theme. I think all of the casting work very well. I hope they all stay for the entire series. Love it, cant wait, breathless with anticipation.
I think that they would have had to sign up for all four movies so fingures crossed that is the case!!! def love the sexual tension they def make u feel it!!
I wouldn't change the casting its perfect. Its funny as most of the speculation came about Rob but I didn't warm to Kristen in Twilight initially, although I think she is fantastic. She was great in Cake Eaters if you haven't seen it.
I wouldn't want to see any other actor fulfil the role of Bella and Edward.
i agree.nobody could do better.
I think part of it is because there may be tension between the two of em in real life, i think they are a perfect edward and bella and an even more perfect rob and kristen!

.....glad everyone disagrees with Zac and miley loll they were the first two i thought of but i do love high school musical :)
I respectfully disagree.

I think that Jackson would have made a better Edward, he has far more expressive eyes. And for Bella? Well I am not a fan of Kristen's acting.. but I do not have anyone in mind that would be better.

And Zac Efron and Miley Cyrus?? Oh, don't even joke about it!
each to there own opinion!
wowww not expecting that! whos jackson??? i think kristen comes off as being very emotional and and u can see how deeply she loves edward... at least u disagree with zac and miley :)


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