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This discussion is for;all Eclipse video's, pics, updates etc.


Rather than adding the vids in the pages I will be adding them here as there are more and more coming out now, and its hard to skip through all the pages. I wont do it for the pics, as there are so many!!!


Trailer 1

Trailer 2

Scene - Edward threatens Jacob

Scene - Rosalies Decision

Scene - Volturi

TV Spot 1 - Destiny

TV Spot 2 - He moves, you move

TV Spot 3 - Event



Oprah Scene

Introducing Bree Tanner

TV Spot - Missing

TV Spot - Something New

MTV Clip::

Jacob brings Bella back home:

Blood is thicker than water/It's someone we know:

What did you do to me?:

Doesn't he own a shirt?:

Ravine Chase:

Muse filmclip:

TV Spot - Protect You/Ready

TV Spot - Fight/Epic

TV Spot - Fierce Jasper (sorry about the quality)

Behind the scenes plus NEW FOOTAGE

Scene: You’ll always be my Bella

Trailer: Legend

Newborn Vampire Army Featurette:

TV Spot - State of terror:

Eclipse Clip on Jimmy Kimmel:

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Full Eclipse Sneak Peek (on New Moon DVD)

kaysi YOU RULE!! THANKYOU FOR POSTING THIS!!! im starting think this movie will be awesome!!!
I tend to agree Kristy (with the awesome movie part). Althought I already hate the new Victoria :D


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