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I was just on another site and they were discussing the amount of times Edward Kissed Bella. It was a total of 6 times. Was just wondering what kiss did it for you!! Happy or Sad....

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Edward kisses Bella's hand in the dream where Bella is old-looking
Edward kisses Bella in the school parking lot
Edward kisses Bella in front of her house after the b-day party fiasco
Edward kisses Bella on the forehead when he breaks up with her
Edward kisses Bella in Volterra when they reunite
Edward kisses Bella in her bedroom after they return to Forks
No kiss can beat their first in her bedroom in Twilight. I played that scene over and over and over and over........
Aaaah, Melsy!! That is the most amazing kiss! If I wasn't supposed to be working I might just go and flick it on. Just for old time sake LOL
I do love that kiss, or should I say the anticipation of the kiss too:) The one in New Moon for me was the one after the birthday party. I looooove the way Edward grunts in kiss. When it came out with sound, I played it over and over and over again.
He is scrumptious!! I am playing it over and over too. When I get a chance that it. Like maybe sometime very soon!!!!
I agree with Melsy about the twilight kiss cant beat that!! In new moon I think I liked the parking lot kiss or maybe the voltera kiss best. But any kiss is fine by me lol
Oh yeah!! Yummmmm!! I would settle for the kiss on the forehead when he leaves her. Seriously any would do. LOL *husband looks at me and makes sad sounds all of his own* Teeeheeee ;D
Yes im sure my hubby wishes I put this much thought into his kisses LOL
i liked the vultura kiss in new moon... WOAH!
That scene was fantastic hey. Love how when whe 'banged' into him and he thought he was dead and says, 'Carlisle said it would be like this' or words to that effect.
The first kiss in Twilight was the best, but the parting kiss when Edward breaks up with Bella broke my heart, he looked like he was in so much pain.
Such an emotional vampire!! LOL I love how he holds her. Dreamy seductive vampire!!


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