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I was just on another site and they were discussing the amount of times Edward Kissed Bella. It was a total of 6 times. Was just wondering what kiss did it for you!! Happy or Sad....

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I honestly don't think I can choose from NM, but if I had to I guess I would pick the reunion kiss in Volterra.
Fab kiss moments. I think they chose Edward's actor well, I can't think of anyone I'd rather see play him or could do it with such sexiness. He is full of HOTNESS for a sparkly cold vampire. Hmmmmm, I am liking the word vampire today. (-:
I think that I have to agree, the first one in twilight, was the best anticipated one, in new moon, it seems as though they are trying so hard, not to go any further. The sexual tension between the two before the breakup is thick, and then diminishes after they get back together. I think the one in new moon the reuinted kiss should have been more dramatic. That is what I think, more steamy, like I love you and I'll never leave you again, I promise. Something like that.
Steamier and hotter for sure. But he did think he'd been killed by the Volturri right and he was just amazed that he must actually have had a soul or something. I think he was just still in a state of confusion. Anyway I will be playing Bella in the next movie and I will make her more passionate. And unfortunately more curvey! LOL
you do all realise that Bella is the competition? the Volturri kiss was good but I feel that kristen could have done better.
Hell, I would have done MUUUUUUCH better. I might even have knocked his rock solid body out from under him. Hmmm, can I say that. Yep, It's PG lol.
Def the competition, but how could u hate innocent sweet bella.... lol
How about in the books??????
How could u pick just one kiss?? def the first kiss in twilight, its there first kiss, cant beat that!... In new moon id have to go with Jenine and the volterra kiss, it had been so long since she saw edward such emotion in it, in all there kisses!!! ahhhh Edward kiss meeeeeeee!!!!!!!!
ohhh and new moon in the parking lot at school, had me wanting to jump out of my seat and push bella away! so full on that was!!
How about the kiss infront of her house by her car after her birthday party. Droooool. I want him to come and kiss me like that!!!! A lot of emotion. That's what I'm after LOL
I think the best kiss of all will be in breaking dawn. the last scene of the twilight saga.
'Forever, forever and forever" he murmed .
"That sounds exactly right to me."
And we continued blissfully into this small, but perfect piece of our forever.
The End.

OMG. I will be boiling my eyes out when i see that. xx


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