The Twilight Saga

List your favourite books, that you could read over and over again through out 2010 =) or any up coming books of 2010.


The best 2 books i have read so far in 2010 are


* Hush Hush (Patch is just to drool over)

* House of night - Burned =)


What are all you're opinions, of you're favourites and must read again and again over


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Wow, like Virginia Andrews - Flowers In The Attic, Heaven, Angel etc?? I LOVED them!! Was around 18/19 when I read them!! I wasn't even a huge reader, but I couldn't stop! Kind of like Twilight!
Someone should really start a proper book list - I'd love to begin reading more - at the moment I just re-read Twilight Eclipse, Breaking Dawn and HP&T Deathly Hallows (which I have read about 1000 times because I am a HP addict) so some new reading material is definitely in order!
Hi Sami...

I have Evernight , STargazer and Hourglass ( soon their is Afterlife)
The hunger Games and Catching Fire ( soon there is Mockingjay)
Hush, Hush of course ( soon Crescendo)

they are my top ones so far..I have more but those are the urgent reads...fantastic!!!!!!!!
I am a book addic =)
i never ever used to read before, but now i just cannot stop reading.

Im reading fallen now =)
I have a whole list of books on a bit of paper i really want to get as well

Cougar what are the hunger games about, my cousin wont stop talking about them and when i ask her what they are about she wont tell me. All she says is read them and find
I would say the same..LOL!! read them that way I wont give anything away.....not Vampire or Werewolve...they are very very good. I am hanging for the third book Mockingjay!!.
I am loving The Mortal instruments series... The City Of Bones, The City Of Ashes and am awaiting The city of Glass....from the Book Depository..i may cave and go to Big W and buy it tomorrow...loved them!!!!
Willow by Julia Hoban
Shiver by maggie Stiefvater's
Speak by Laurie halse anderson (which also has kristen in the movie) :D
I have read Sookie Stackhouse books, for true blood, loved them all. Season 3 comes out in June. Also I have been reading Richelle Meade the Vampire Academy series her 5th book, her 6th book comes out in November I think.
ok so i love reading i have to figure out books i wanna get to read over the summer but i love books so far my favorites are
i read the evermore series it was real good
also read the sookie stackhouse series
the twilight saga( duh lol like 7th time rereading them)
and i'm reading moon called right now
i can't wait for stephenie meyer's new book

oh and who's the author of Fallen it sounds cool i want to read it
LAuren Kate is author of 'Fallen'.
My Favorites of this year:

Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater
My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult
Dear John by Nicholas Sparks
Sold by Patricia McCormick

And The Dollanganger Series by V.C. Andrews- As Anja Hasaers mentioned: Virginia Andrews, same person, yeah, she writes her books in English, though she has died, her estate hired a ghost writer...

and I think that's it for now!
tottaly hush hush!
fallen (in a series the next one is comming out in september)

Ruined (i dont know if its avalable in all states but its a really rreally good new orleans book i cant get enough of it its like a ghost/romantic book)

Jesicas guide to dateing on the dark side (sounds cheesy but its really good)

the night world series (really good verry thick books)

the prophacey of the sisters (really good if u like the heart poundding wichcraft stuff)

vampyre darcy (spelled right its like after PP and elizabeth finds out that Darcy is a Vamp and there struggle with it its really interesting and good)

and manny manny more those are just the really great ones ive read im a bookaholic to after i read Twilight. before i never thought i would say the words i like readding but twilight changed me :)

(ps the books i listed are in anyway shape or form innocent meanning its noot like those sara dessin books that dont have any fights or violence though the hole book i ccant read books like that i have to have romance AND action lol it just boors me if it dosent have it)

(pss if u read Ruined pleasae message me or any of the other books beacause im trying to get votes on them for my school thatnks so much)

yours trully


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