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Don't you think it would be so cool to visit Forks in Washington. Apparently you can do a whole Twilight tour there. I wish I was going there for the premiere of New Moon because they are offering a twilight tour of the city, followed by dinner at the Italian restaurant Bella and Edward were at, and then the screening of the movie.

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Oh wow that sounds so awesome. wish i could do that as well !!
Practiclly all of theTwilight n New moon was films in Vancova canada.
I dnt think any of the actural movie was done it forks.
I'm a bit of a 'googler' and there were some scenes filmed in 'forks' but mostly St Helen's and Oregon. They moved on to Vancouver to film New Moon and Eclipse. I entered a competition here to do The Twilight tour and it stated all the places the various scenes were filmed at. Does sound very good. Unfortunately I didn't win. Would have been very cool though. Maybe I could talk my husband into sending me off on a 'mid life crisis' holiday.
Oooh, do they (husbands) do that??? lol. Would be fantastic :D
I think it would be beyond cool... but ... never say never. Just google and you will get answers...I'm a big believer in the google.
i definatley want to do the forks tour!! id probaly wouldnt be able to contain myself LOL!!
I would give anything to be able to do a tour of Folks.I have a dream where a plane load of us get together to visit Forks.Imagine the fun we would all have together on a trip like that especially as we all have this in common.
i know how cool would that be, we would have a cracker of a time!!!
That would be amazing.. I think it would be really awesome if they brought the Twilight convention down here to Australia.. They have a massive fan base here && it wud be really great for them to do something like that :D


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