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Hi all you Australian Twilight fans I joined the saga site in thursday and dont have any idea how to navigate around the site and dont have any friends!!! please help me!!!!

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Hi Liz,

Does take a bit to get used to. Just have a play around and you'll get there. I'm still learning too!

Welcome to the group!
I'm new too but familiar with Ning sites. Use the top menu bar (near the very top of the page) to go exploring and join in the fun!!
Welcome to the site. I will add you as my friend if you like.
Hi Liz, I'll be your friend (-: I just press buttons and see what happens. It's fun!
I'm in the same boat, but perhaps we can be each others friend? hehe
I'm new to so i could be your friend if you want cause i don't know much at all about this. I saw on a website that Stephanie Meyer is appearing on Oprah and people can write her questions so if anyone finds out how to do this please tell me.
hi liz .. i only just joined like 4 days ago and i thought it was confusing too.... i just basically check my inbox and join into discussions by going into the discussions icon up the top and choosing the one u want 2 join... :-) hope that helps
hi guys im new to this group too !!! anyone can add me as a friend if too!!!
Hi rose my name is Janelle and I am new to this website. Would you like to add me as a friend
Hi Liz,

I'm new too and just joined a few days ago- so I'm happy to be your friend if you like.

I like reading all the discussions on the topics that interest me but I really just press buttons and find out where it takes me. It's pretty daunting joining a new site but having a look through everyone seems very friendly so hopefully getting some friends soon also :)

Counting down to the release of New Moon- very exciting!!

- Beck
Hi Everyone thanks heaps ffor all your wonderful advice and offers of friendship I look forward to talking to you all in the future!

Luv Liz
Hi Liz, I joined a couple of weeks ago and its amazing the people you meet on line. Everyone says the movie is great and I can,t wait to see it. Best Wishes Janelle


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