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Hi I hope this is ok, but I have created a blog(personal blog) about being a 30yr old mother of two and having a obsession with The Twilight Saga.... It is written very honestly and I hope that you will feel as honest and comment in return. I will keep it up to date with all the goss as recieved and Investergated as well as my feelings throughout the books as I read them again..... I am though a Late bloomer and saw Twilight before reading it, skipped the 1st book due to being over excited to get on with the story..... Now I am reading from scratch and well somewhat disappointed at the films differences but still love it to bits... So come and sus out my blog, feel free to comment, and share your views this BLOG is for and about YOU!!!!! Oh and Im loving doin it....Has some great widgets and gadgets on it tooo...Like Ask Edward Im addin a Bella and Jacob in the morn, its 4.30am Ive been up reading Twilight and awe man Im blushin like Bella!!!!
So please come check out TWIHARDKYE

No copyright infringements have been made its all genuine legal and honest

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Don't be sorry, at least your still young enough to be a Cougar. Feel for us who are a bit further up the road. Your blog is great. I need to learn how to do those. Welcome.
Lol dont be sorry, im 37 have read the books seen the movie bought the T-shirt and still obsessed with the saga. The Twilight Convention is on 17th & 18th October in Melbourne and i am thinking of going. Dont worry your not the only crazy obsessed fan out there. Its nice to know im not the only one. Welcome.
Oh i dont I do i dont I......awe geebus the dibarkle of a obsessed fan!
Thank God!!!!!!!!!!I thought I was on of the only thirty something obsessed with twilght.
I have met only one other person.
Your blog is awesome.
My husband and daughter get upset with me when I go into the "Twilight" zone as he calls it.
We have already made plans to find a baby sitter when New Moon comes out.Can't wait for that.
The trailers aren't enough anymore.
Hi Twihardkye, I also read your blog, good read. I also wish I had the talent to do up a blog page that well.

There are a lot of us older fans out there I'm over 40, lets leave it there for the time being until I get to know you all a little better. I also just bought a ticket to the midnight showing of New Moon so excited, can't wait. I've been a huge fan since my husband bought me Twilight back in January this year but although he hated my obsession early on he's gotten used to it 9months down the track and I've even made him read all the books, I like to share.

Another great site is to keep you all up to date with what's happening.

Great to have an Aussie site.
Im actually looking forward to getting to know you all, like our very own Twi-Mums-club... I think off a better name for it eventually. Hope youre all Joined my blog so I can stay in touch with you as I am not sure how long they keep our threads going for and I will be sad to loose such a great bunch of amazing woman brave enough to share their obsession with me. Im so inspired.
I'm a 40 something mum of 5 ... not sure why I got hooked, but I dont regret it. I think for me it is an outlet from every day drudge. Twilight lets me be young again, lets me relive/revisit times when I was young and could fantasise and believe that I was part of something extraordinary. I think life is best when magic does exist.
Well, I didn't read the book for ages. Didn't look at the movie for a while. I've always enjoyed young fiction -and sci fi, but this has taken me on one heck of a ride! Finally started Twilight, then promptly went and bought every book and read one after the other in a week. What the? Breaking Dawn was released soon after - my husband thinks I'm insane.
I am quite a lot older than the suppposed demographic. I'm older than most demographics!
But I am obsessed -I don't really understand it. It is embarrassing.
Hi Kylie, what does this tell you about the books . that we have all been re awakened . it is mind blowing that we are all saying the same thing. and then we look at our husbands.. weellllll. . It may have even helped to rekindle. a few romances. At the moment i am reading Mid. sun then I go to bed and , this week it is Break.Dn.. lost count since I have been reading them repeatedly since June when I 'imprinted'. Maybe I should put a call out to all obsessors over 40.
My secret admission. - If i had the chance to meet Rob I think I would be too scared, embarrassed, ashamed , because I would feel like apologising for not looking good enough for him. can anyone else understand that.
Im so with you....1000000000%...My dream is to have someone to make love to me a certain person......Named Rob but I am so scared and embarresed and I am fat and baby bubber...We have all been re-awakened about feelings we forgot we could damn well fell...
Wow Kylie, Your page is great!! I am impressed. Haven't gotten through all of it yet. I have a little mite at my feet wanting my attention. You are very strong and you have to be.(tears). Dammmmmm! Being a Mum is a challenge. My girls came at 24 wks. Scary when you don't know what the next day might hold. Will be back to further explore your blog. I just love Twilight. I also love the red apples I have sitting on my bench top :D lol. It makes me smile and my husband need not know why. It looks rather normal. Yay!!
I love the apple I know how that not knowing the next day is traumatic I saw so many lil babies under 28weeks, so so darn tiny and vunerable yet so strong....oh so strong....


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