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Hi I hope this is ok, but I have created a blog(personal blog) about being a 30yr old mother of two and having a obsession with The Twilight Saga.... It is written very honestly and I hope that you will feel as honest and comment in return. I will keep it up to date with all the goss as recieved and Investergated as well as my feelings throughout the books as I read them again..... I am though a Late bloomer and saw Twilight before reading it, skipped the 1st book due to being over excited to get on with the story..... Now I am reading from scratch and well somewhat disappointed at the films differences but still love it to bits... So come and sus out my blog, feel free to comment, and share your views this BLOG is for and about YOU!!!!! Oh and Im loving doin it....Has some great widgets and gadgets on it tooo...Like Ask Edward Im addin a Bella and Jacob in the morn, its 4.30am Ive been up reading Twilight and awe man Im blushin like Bella!!!!
So please come check out TWIHARDKYE

No copyright infringements have been made its all genuine legal and honest

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Hi, I know this is a little late (about a month) but its nice to know there are others like me who have been swept off their feet by The Twilight Saga. I think I have been in what I have called the Twilight closet since I saw Twilight back in January 09 and I have bought all of the books including the movie companions and the directors notebook, as well as the dvd movie and the soundtrack.( my husband thinks im a lovesick teenager again) So its nice to come out of that closet knowing there other obsessed over 30yr olds!!!
I loved your blog.
Cant wait for the New Moon movie release!!!
It's ok, I'm almost 30 and I'm completely obsessed with The Twilight Saga. My sister is 34 with 2 kids and she's obsessed with it too.
Hi, I cannot get enough and Im turning 30 very soon. I think Im in love with the love (romance) of the story. Everyone wants someone like Edward to love more than life and to treat them with the respect that Edward does. Plus who wouldn't love to be caught in a love triangle with Jacob and Edward. The story is so well written and Stephanie has done a great job. Although I have to agree with you, Im really disappointed in the movie missing some major points. Im scared New Moon will be the same, but then again, with all of Stephanie's outtakes etc, its easy to get more of a fix than I realised.

I feel silly for wanting my love life to have small mimiks of this beautiful love story. And besides that I have a small interest in vampires in general .
I am 35 single mum and just love it. I help my girls put posters of Eddie and Jake up, they think it's strange.LOL. We are always fighting over the books.
LOL - I'm 41 and when I finished the books, I felt like I'd been dumped!! I can't remember feelin anything more than disapointment when finishing an excellent book before. I wasn't sure if it was cos I read all 4 back to back or that I missed them....well I miss them, so here I am.

Nice to know I'm not alone in the Mature fan area .


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