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hi i'm kristy, i'm a stay @ home mum and i have to kids, a 1yr old and a 3 yr old. i joined a month or so ago but i havent had a chance to really add any friends to my list to chat!! if you'd like me to add you as a friend please let me know!!!:)

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I'm Michelle a 39+ gst , mother of 3 kiddies, ages 7-12. I have my ticket for Thursday 19/11 12.03am . My girlfriend ( she is such a sport) is being dragged along to the midnight session. I have been following any bit of info on the web as I am itching to see if its close to the book. Twilight movie was a little disappointing...only because the scenes used could have been the scenes from the book!! I was quite disappointed that chapter 5 ' blood typing' wasn't included. I am so pleased with the trailers and bits I have been seeing so far for New Moon. I was a bit worried about the 'hallucinations' scenes , rather than the book has Bella hearing Edward.. but it does look great with the split second images of Edward. I have even taken up dirt bike husband is very patient. I can understand how Bella falls off the bike..its rather trickie getting the gears etc right.. I think its the mid life crisis catching up with me.. but its all good fun.
yeah i totally can wait to see the movie but it does tick me off a bit that the scenes in twilight dont follow the book as much as i would have liked it too. but what can you do? i would of loved to see the blood typing bit too!
i've convinced my husband to come with me to see the midnight showing not that it really took much convincing( he gets to take a sickie the next day,lol). my father is staying the night to babysit. i just hope that they really portray the closeness that bella and jacob get in the book even though its sad that edward leaves in the first place. i cried abit when it came to this book(pathetic huh lol)- it made me sad when edward left and then it made me sad when jacob said he couldnt be her friend anymore even though he was all that was holding her together at that point. i've been on my bros dirt bike once like two days before my wedding, i crashed into my dads fence(lucky i wasnt goin very fast) but good on ya given it a go, guess i'll have to give it another go someday.i'm so dying to watch the movie i'm counting down... i've been to utube and watched all the trailers i could find and showed my hubby he loved that there seems to be more action in this one with the werewolves and all! lol better go watch 60 mins for the twilight stuff!
hi kristy and michelle, im danielle 35yrs no children yet, but i have to cats that act like children LOL!!
i too am curious to see how close new moon is to the book. its a let down when it isnt what u thought it would be. i saw twilight before i read the book and when i read the book i was a bit disappointed that there were some scenes that should have been in the book (as u pointed out michelle) like when edward went away, i think they should have shown a bit of that, to show where he went and why he went..
Hey kristy, Im amelia, im 23 and pregnant with 1st baby and sooo into the Twilight Saga...especially Edward. I only joined last night and I am so relieved to find a place where I can expres my passion (which is dominating my for all things Twilight. I'd love to get a friend list happening so we should add each other. I live on the Gold Coast, where are you from?
Hey amelia and kristy. I have only started this tonight after seeing the movie and have no idea how this all works can i have a few pointers. I am 24 yr old mum of 2. A six month old and a 3 yr old and am totally twilight obsessed and hubby is sck of hearing about it so i need an outlet lol
Hey there :D Im Margaret 25 yrs old (26 on sat yay) married with 3 girls (6 , 4 and 1yrs ). Just joined as well and would also like more friends (friends are good) lol... my hubby doesnt read much... but i read the first book to him then he got me to read the other 3 as well... so he's hooked too. lol... i was also disapointed in the twilight movie... but i think that most book to movies go that way too... I didnt like the extra "Bad" vampire scenes in the movie... and the way she told him she knew he was a vampire... and his letting his powers show... and their meadow scene. their first touches... these were all skimmed over... the book showed so much passion in these scenes :( ahhh well... i absolutly love the books though....
Hi, I'm Suzy, 26 yld, married with a 2 yld son and 4 yld daughter. Just joined too and I love being able to express how much I love the Twilight Saga! I just got the books on Nov. 1st and have already read through them like 40 times. I agree with Margaret about the added bad vampire scenes. I didn't like them much. I also wish that the interractions between Edward and Bella could have been more intimate like in the books. A lot of the passion expressed in the books was lost in the movie. But I guess in order to condense the book into an hour and a half movie, things are bound to get lost. My husband is taking me to see New Moon eventhough he knows I'm going to be drooling the whole time lol!!!His only request is that I "try to contain myself" ( like that's likely)! He's not into the Saga but he understands my fascination with vampires because that is what attracted me to him in the first place. You see, he has natural fangs!!! As does my son (which is just creepy) but he's cute!
i agree with Meh2u and Suzy Estepp i hated the fact that they added those vampire scenes, they definately didnt not portray the passion(that was lost in the movie) and i hated the meadow scene. i would have like them to do the meadow scene they way it was in the book. i'm also taking my husband, he doesnt get the twilight thing but he knows i'll be drooling over edward and jacob and he's hoping to get alot of action afterwards *wink wink* plus he gets to take thursday off to sleep in! LOL
I was disapointed in the twilight movie after reading the book because so much got missed or changed but i still cant help but love it anyway. New moon stuck to the book so much better and what they added only made it better if that possible...
Hi kristy,i would like to be your friend. Welcome to the Twilight Group. It,s exciting isn,t it. i have only recently joined myself and I was so thankful to all of the new friends who responeded to my plea. Have you read all the books kristy and are you going to see the New Moon movie? Best Wishes Janelle.
I'm Kristine, 35 with a one year old son. I have been trying to get my DH to come with me to the midnight screening but he is not that keen to go because of the age of our son (we have no babysitter) so it looks like we will be going to the 10:30 screening the next morning (lucky he is on leave from work). I am really looking forward to the movie - I watched the red carpet arrivals for the world premiere live this morning on ustream. I think there were about 400,000 people hooked in so it was pretty cool.
Hello welcome
Im mum of 4 work full time but love chatting to all my new friends on this site just saw the new moon movie 12 hrs ago it was awesome are you going?


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