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hi i'm kristy, i'm a stay @ home mum and i have to kids, a 1yr old and a 3 yr old. i joined a month or so ago but i havent had a chance to really add any friends to my list to chat!! if you'd like me to add you as a friend please let me know!!!:)

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Hi Kristy and all the other lovely ladies in this discussion! I'm Nene, 32, mother of 2 boys (4yo and 14 month old). I am so obsessed with Twilight, it's almost crazy! My husband now signs his notes to me "love Edward (you wish!)", and was hopeful for a bit of action following my midnight viewing of NM last night...LOL. My friends are not too sure about my Edward passion, so it is nice to read about other mothers/cat mothers who are just as keen! I am also up for adding friends to my list!!
hi i just started this tonight after seeing new moon and have no idea what im doing. can you give me a few pointers i was just so excited after seeing the movie i had to talk about it.......and hubbies sick of hearing about it lol
Hi there i'm Michelle and i also just joined, about 5 minutes ago actually, would you add me as a friend please. I don't know what you need to know as I don't even know how to do it yet, so my name is Michelle Snevo, thanks
Hi Kristy, I'm Chantal, 34 and full-time mum to three beautiful children, 2, 3 and 5. I've \dragged my whole family into my little Twilight obsession but they just don't get the fascination. Good to have a site like this to discuss the books. Would love to chat when we get the chance:)


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