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It is 12.20am and I have just stepped in the door from my New Moon Prem. This could possibly be the best night I have had in an extremely long time. It started with a Pina Colada dinner with 14 other fans, quiz (which was a barrel of laughs) and then the main event. And Ladies I was not disappointed. I will not give anything away except to say I L O V E D it! I just wanted to press play and start it all over again. I don't know how I am going to get any sleep tonight. 6 hrs and I have to be up getting kids ready for school. I kept reaching out trying to touch Jacobs chest. (drooling now). Going again next week with my sister. Can I wait that long?

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i loved it too but i think it needed to be a bit longer. I couldnt sleep either when i got home it must have been jacobs chest! Its illegal for a 17 yr old to have a bod like that wooo! Pass me a cold flannel
Well I got myself so worked up I didn't get to sleep until 4.30 and then woke up at 5.30. So Friday was not a good day for me. I tried really hard all day though to not let it ruin the high.
Now I'm totally jealous!! The very darkest shade too!!! I'm seeing NM Sunday evening. I don't remember any of the boys I went to school with having a bod like Jacob's!! Hmmmmm, but supose they weren't a mix of American Indian either lol. I'm hanging for Edward though.
Well it's Sunday night. What did you think?
Haha dw, I'm that age and none of my friends have bodies like that. Unfortunatly...
Haha Taylor's a freak of nature. That we will happily perve on haha
I went to the NM Midnight showing with approx 800 other fans and where we live in Queensland I was surprised by the number and I didn't realise I was surrounded by so many Twilight fans I obviously live in good company. I also did the double feature of Twilight first to warm me up although if I'm honest Twilight the movie has always left me wanting or I think it could have been better however anything that brings our book characters to life you've got to love. New Moon the movie, however as a fan it was awesome, beautiful, heartfelt I felt every single emotion from from the movie as I did with the book I can't rave about it enough. I have already seen it twice and will see it again twice this week with friends. Brilliant Chris Weitz did a fantastic job and Kristen, Rob and Taylor blew me away with their performances. Taylor though he was fantastic and I'm team Edward all the way but he was so good he deserves and extra mention.
I agree. This was a really well put together movie. It was obvious that the whole team had a huge respect for the movie. They thought it was good enough as it was and picked out the best bits. Didn't add anything (like stupid spider monkey comments). I was really underwelmed with Kristen in Twilight, I thought she was good but totally out shone by Rob but she totally made up for it in NM. She was awesome. I think Michael (Aro) was sooooo good. He totally freeked me out. Very unnerving. And of course could leave without a mention of Taylor. He was Tops as we see in Oz. (Do they still use that?)


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