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If you've heard Kate Miller-Heidke's new song 'Last Day On Earth', which, living in Austraia atm, it's pretty much impossible not to have!
When I heard it I just couldn't believe my ears! It's like New Moon turned into a song! Surely someone else has noticed this!
I mean, c'mon; "In my head I replay our conversations, over and over 'till they feel like halucinations"? Or how about "Every time anybody speaks your name it still feels the same, I ache, I ache, I ache"...
This cannot be a coinsidence.
I absolutley adore the song, it is so beautiful but I just wanna know if anyone else thinks the resemblance is strange?!

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I've heard the song, but i've never recognized the connection between those two! now that you've mention it, i can't help but agree with you :)
Yes, I totally agree.

but then again,, heaps of songs can be related to Twilight.

<3 the song....
x acm
She has a beautiful voice. The Last Day On Earth does fit. I want a powerful song just for them. I remember a couple of years ago (and don't laugh) but at the end of the season of Home And Away, Sally was stabbed and they played a song by Evermore - Light Surrounding You. It just hit me so much. It was intense. Lots of tears!! And I wasn't even such a great fan of Sally's but I didn't want her to go out that way. The actor who stabbed her was fantastic too!!!!
But I must admit the odd times lately that I don't have the Twilight or New Moon CD on I find myself listening out for songs that relate. And not intentionally, just because it's always on my mind.
Hey, I thought I was going a little nuts when I heard Kate's new song because it made me think about New Moon. I guessed it was because everything Twilight related is always on my mind. But it really sounds like it was written for New Moon. I even checked to see if it was on the sound track and I had missed it.
Maybe she is a fan... Go Kate!
I totally agree! I couldn't believe it wasn't on the sound track! They're going for a very Indie-Rock sound this time, so maybe it didn't fit... But it is so perfect.
I never like the sound tracks much anyway, and always end up just making my own, so what's the point?
I heard that Chris Weitz had over 20 cd's worth of music to choose from for New Moon, purpose written just for the movie. I wonder if Kate Miller-Hiedke wrote it for the movie?? Anyone know?
OMG yeah it totally fits with New Moon, thought that the first time i heard it and assumed it was just my imagination playing tricks on me cuz all i can think about lately is New Moon. I agree with what everyone has said, maybe she did write it for the movie and it just didn't fit with the theme they were going with for it. But it would have deffiantely been the perfect song to go with Bella when she's all out of it from Edward leaving.
Haha just for anyone interested in this discussion...
I saw Kate-Miller-Heidke play live at the Enmore last night and it was FANTASTIC!! Just the best concert ever! Omigod sa-woon! She wore the most georgeous dress and sang all the singles. Some of the audience were crying when she sang 'Last Day On Earth' (coincidence that it was on the day of the premiere of NM??)
She didn't play my fave ('End of School') but hey, you can't have it all. Even her opening band were amazing! Haha and the tickets were pretty cheap too, so if yr thinking about it, I would totally reccomend it!! Experience of a lifetime.


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