The Twilight Saga

Pretty self explanatory. Post swoonworthy pictures of your favourite guys here for the rest of us to drool over. Keep in mind the site guidelines which pretty much is "must be wearing pants"





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Ashton is adorable and well done getting an aussie in there :)
And... a few more:

Oh Heath..poor love....he wsa so brilliantly talented...but what can you say...miss him alot..
Heath xxx
Kaysi I am stalking you..what happened to Kimberly discussion...feel bad??
Ah great pics Lydice LOVE Heath and don't mind Keanu when he's not alll scruffy either yummy
Ok... and last but certainly not least, cause this man is my FAVORITE!!!! Gerard Butler... he is so stinking talented!! I love his voice, his crooked mouth, his diversity in his acting roles... as the Phantom, I wanted to reach out and help him feel better... and in The Ugly Truth, he was hysterical!!! I'm still having a look at his other movies... HE IS SO HOT TO ME!!!!

Are we all scared to mention Taylor ? don't let Morals and ethics get in the way... he is very very cute..

Ahhh delicious Taylor haha. I had a friend ask me yesterday is it ok to have a crush on a 16 year old singer ( she is 21) and I was like hey if i can have a crush on a 17 year old werewolf then u can do what ever u like hehe :D
Teehee, nice answer!
Nope not afraid I think he has been scattered thoughout the thread :)
ok girls here are more...


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