The Twilight Saga

Pretty self explanatory. Post swoonworthy pictures of your favourite guys here for the rest of us to drool over. Keep in mind the site guidelines which pretty much is "must be wearing pants"





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*stops stomping foot....still pouting*

okaaayyy :(
oogle away honey

glad to be of service m'dear

......*walks away sighing*
ooh I just was looking at my tv guide *ribbing out pages and stuffing them under my pillow*
Mine is out on the clothes line drying.......
Mine will need to be soon if I keep this up *wipes chin*
Oh my im seriously loving robs new hair do...mmmm...if only i could touch it! lol *kristy also walks away sighing*

ooop's. Sorry, didn't realise Rob was already up! He's been on my mind alllll day!!! :DDDDDDDDD
mmmm...lovin this rob one too and the kellan wasnt it bad either michelle belle cullen! thanks


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