The Twilight Saga

Pretty self explanatory. Post swoonworthy pictures of your favourite guys here for the rest of us to drool over. Keep in mind the site guidelines which pretty much is "must be wearing pants"





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Boom shanka lanka....up until Shia then you lost me
I just liked the poster!!!...PMSL!!!!!
for Jo....... and I can't do Jon Bon Jovi...cause he has chest hair NOT facial hair!!!!!

Exactly Rob...exactly!!!!!!!



Is that fern one a manip??

which fern one???????


(will you hurry up and post I do have 'others' to post....but I'm waiting to see what you post!!!...LOL)

6th from the top

Nope that's from a photo shoot. It's ALL Rob!!!!

Well Hel-lo gun show!!! I think this deserves.......wait for it.................



I completely agree!
and I am in agreement with Janice who agrees with Jenine!!!!! who is *coughlickingthescreencough*


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