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Pretty self explanatory. Post swoonworthy pictures of your favourite guys here for the rest of us to drool over. Keep in mind the site guidelines which pretty much is "must be wearing pants"





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So was I :D
He does alot of against a wall pics....I could have posted more.....

Like these?


 Reply by Navdha 6 hours ago

^isn't he..just...gorgeous.. :')


















^I hope that leaning against anything counts.. :3

Buffy  Reply by Buffy 5 hours ago

Yeah, we're definitely not going to complain. They can be leaning on anything... *nods*


 even ^this will do? XD




Yeah, why not?


I've got chair, is that ok?


Navdha Reply by Navdha 5 hours ago



How about..

Nav's went a bit rogue PMSL!!! Leaning on an elephant does work though!!! BOL!!

we cant miss out on this pic!!!


Time for a new theme: 

Cam Gigandet arrives at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) and lights up a cigarette.

BINGO!!!! 6 themes in one!!! ^^

Ian Somerhalder Actor Ian Somerhalder arriving on a flight at LAX airport in Los Angeles, CA.




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