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Was just wondering if anyone had heard anything new about Midnight Sun. Last i heard Stephanie still didn't know if she was going to finish the book or not, and that was said sometime last year!! If anyone has any new information it would be awesome to know what's happening with that as i really hope she does deside to finish it.

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Hey Suzi, thanks for that, i have already read the partial draft, seriously how good does it sound :) and came to the same conclusion as you, was just wondering if anyone had heard anything new about the 'when' question. because it has been quite a long time since stephanie has said anything about Midnight Sun at all. Which is really dissapointing because it sounds like it will be an excellent book.
Yeah, haven't heard when. She is doing an interview on Oprah on the 20th, so possibly she might say something about it then...but maybe not. I think she wrote she doesn't even want to hear the words 'Midnight Sun' for a while...just dont know how long.
i dunno apparantly she said someone published it on the net and it wasn't finished so she had to write it again.. but yea i hope sghe does !!1
Hi Kim,
I'm hopeful that the new Muse CD will inspire her to finish the book. For me, it's a more interesting story when it's told from Edward's point of view.
Hey, yeah i think that it's just so completely different and Edward uses such different language than what Bella does. It seems like a whole new story :) And we get better insite into how the Cullens live and interact, and how they think, and what Bella's friends are really thinking. I really hope she finishes it.
I really hope she finishes this - I need more Edward! Seriously though, she could write all four books from Edwards view and I'd still read them!
oh deffinately, i would read them as well. how awesome would it be if she did that!! though for some reason i really dont think she will :(
Sorry, I'm not much help on this question. But I would just like to say - PLEASE hurry up Stephenie. I too, have read the partial draft, and it has just left me hanging for more. I also agree with one of the other responses, in that - Stephenie could write all 4 books from Edwards point of few, because I'm sure that there are thousands of people who would buy that series. Wouldn't it be nice if she did!!! Anyway, hopefully someone can answer your question for you (& everyone else too).


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