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Omg i jsut got home from the midnight screening of new moon .. that was epic . i loved it .. so much better then twilight .. n not mising too much .. with some reallii funny parts too .. loving the wolf pack .. especially alex meraz lol ... great acting n just an awesome movie all round .... cant wait for eclipse :)

Team Jasper FTW lol

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what did you think of Jaspers. overdone hair. and did I hear a southern accent? and so much hype for the Volturri all for such a short time on screen . spin doctors earn their money i think.
Yep, I agree. I did not like the change in look of characters. One of my biggest hates was the contact lenses - makes them look fake. They are supposed to look beautiful, but human, and those contacts make them look inhuman. Jacob looked hot and they did a brilliant job of him and the other wolves.
I think the eyes were a bit too crazy there is no way anyone wouldnt notice those eyes and think something was up
yeahh i agree with the contact lenses i thought that when i saw the first pics come out ..
I think Jasper seemed really different in new moon i dont know if i liked it. it was a bit creepy and i dont think of him that way?
i agree with u blueangel! i was expecting more from the volturi. i thought the movie was fantastic but i think it should have gone in depth a bit more with bella and jacob and the wolfpack. i know they couldnt make the film long but its hard because i compare the book and movie. it should have shown harry clearwaters funeral and then it would have introduced seth and leah ready for eclipse.. i could sit here and decipher the book and movie all night but everyone may die of boredom LOL!!
It has Been neary 20 hours since i saw New Moon and i am arleady having major withdrawal symptoms (maybe the lack of sleep and having to get up to get to work this morning) I Really Need To see it again..............SO Good Can't wait for Eclipse.....New Moon was done so well and I don't care what the critics say............there's only so much you can cram into a movie.
i agree Chantelle. i'm so a Team Alice now. Ashley Greene seriously shined in this movie. Congrats to her.
lol same here .. everything u sed applies to em right now to .. haha even the team alice oh n team jasper of course lol ...
Mackay QLD was great. Six Cinema's going and fully booked. The movies all started on time. Went and rewatched Twilight at 9.30 so that I would not be nodding off at 12 and went straight through to another theater for New moon and it started on time. At 12 ok though, could have done without previews.
It is 12.20am and I have just stepped in the door from my New Moon Prem. This could possibly be the best night I have had in an extremely long time. It started with a Pina Colada dinner with 14 other fans, quiz (which was a barrel of laughs) and then the main event. And Ladies I was not disappointed. I will not give anything away except to say I L O V E D it! I just wanted to press play and start it all over again. I don't know how I am going to get any sleep tonight. 6 hrs and I have to be up getting kids ready for school. I kept reaching out trying to touch Jacobs chest. (drooling now). Going again next week with my sister. Can I wait that long?
Glad to know im not the only obsessed mum out there I saw it yesterday with friends and am dragging hubby sunday night....i cant wait! I was excellent


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