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Omg i jsut got home from the midnight screening of new moon .. that was epic . i loved it .. so much better then twilight .. n not mising too much .. with some reallii funny parts too .. loving the wolf pack .. especially alex meraz lol ... great acting n just an awesome movie all round .... cant wait for eclipse :)

Team Jasper FTW lol

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I agree! SO much better than Twilight. I loved the humor in this one, made the "smaller" characters come to life.
yeahh .... i loved the start when alice jumbed the rails haha .. i wish i could do that .. im reallii glad they kept the voting scene at the end .. it kind of shows that other side of rosalie before we hear her story in eclipse ..
I really thought Charlies and Jessica's roles were well done too. Not much of them, but Billy Burke done an amazing job and I thought Jessica's character was well written.
yeahh i love jess when bella gets on the back of that guys bike .. lol ... so funny .... n yeahh i thought billy burke did a good job too .. n bella writing the emails to alice was a good touch i think ..
agreed! I loved the email touch.. so much better than a voice over for no reason!
I have just arrived from watching the film in spanish and I can tell you IT'S GREAT!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!! I JUST CAN'T STOP SHOUTING!! no one will be disapointed, I can tell you that!!
Fantastic!! Bought tickets to the 12:04am and they didn't start the movie until 12:35am- they nearly had a riot on their hands.
I liked it better than Twilight too. The wolfpack- HOT!!! The special effects- WOW!!! I thought the acting was better in this one. I think they have all settled into their roles really well. Will be seeing it again very soon!!
yeahh same here we were waiting for ages through previews but it was good jsut added to all the hyped up crazy fans haha ... it was a great night with a reallii good atmosphere .. everyone wwas soo excited to see it ... i hope i get the chance to do the same for eclipse.
Wow u had previews. They went str8 into it in Geelong and pretty much on time to. Very impressed. This is an amazing movie and i can't wait to watch it again.
yeahh they had peviews up here .. i guess it was good tho becuase even when the movie probz should have been starting people were stikl trying to get into there seats .. at the cinemas i went to they had 3 theatres full ... it was great...
I took 4 X 14 year olds, and I am soo glad I did, really after Twilight, I couldda waited for a "normal" session time but yeah it was 100 times better than I expected.

No previews at Chermside in Brizzie either, but I don't think anyone minded, there was a great atmosphere in the theatre.

Alice shone in the Movie, she portrays her character so well, she was my STAR.

And the wolves were awesome, I thought the scene where Jacob jumped over Bella and changed into a wolf mid jump was magnificent.

I LOVED the books, and was TOTALLY team Edward, but I know if I had never read the books, and ONLY watched the 2 films, I'd defenitely be team Jacob, I wonder if reading those 14 lovely chapters of Midnight Sun convinced me of Edwards love for Bella?? Cos the movie just doesn't make me feel it.

Oh Think I'll read Midnight Sun now, bring me back on the love N passion track :0)
If feel the same way always team edward but Taylor did such a good job in the movie that I really felt for him. I think midnight sun does sway everyone to team edward though how could you not?


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