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Ok whilst watching the Vampire Diaries on Sydney's newest Channel GO for digital Television....You'll never guess...Yes its true the NEW MOON TRAILER was aired for the very first time(that I am aware of) during the first ad break and I tell you My heart is racing my body shivering and Im excited.
The finale RPatz saying in his stunning voice "THE WAIT IS OVER"...

AWE MY F***N GOD!!!!

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Bummer i do have go so i missed it i was gonna wait till vampire diaries was on dvd but that still wont show the new moon trailer... Im jelous!!
which trailer? 1,2 or 3?
if any u ppl want to see it again go to twilightsouce or type in on youtube new moon trailer 3 and you can watch it agian and again i missed it on tv too but i decied to serch for it on other sites its soo good i cant wait to see robert patterson o.m.g too excited lol i cant wait
u serz .. thats kewl as .. im from qld .. i ahvent seen it ... maybe i should start watching more tv lol
it was dam good. is there any melbournians going to the prem. in geelong? i don;t want to scream alone
Ok, so I gather you all want details..... It was the Finale trailer released, the one Edward gets beaten on, the Volturi where Jane says "this will only hurt for a minute" Seriously guys it looked awesome on HD TV Im dying for the cinema. I was going to log in and let you all know right away but I was just in shock. At the end of Vampire Diaries it said :Vampire Diaries was bought to you by the "TWILIGHT SAGA and NEW MOON"..... RPatz looked seriously hot at the end of the trailer in his hot english accent "The wait.....IS OVER"...YUMMMYYYYY..... Its awesome guys to see it on TV I have New Moon tickets and cant wait paid $80 for 2 New moon tickets it was that or $160... Seriously Im still pullin my hair its like Thats the dvd 4 times or 8times or seeing it at a regular time of day 4 times on pensioners Tuesday!!!! I couldnt wait though.....
Hi Klyie!! i'm kristy.I'm from Queensland and haven't seen a trailer for it yet!except on the net.that is so unfair, im so dying to see it cause then u know its really coming soon!!.Cant wait til November! Can someone let me know if you see on Qld tv PLEASE!
If you guys go to You Tube there are a few trailers a great extended one under

New Moon official trailer 1+2+3 mashup (6min long)

Someone has actually spent the time to join the three officially released on the 'Comic Con portion together in the correct order. Really good, that will get your heartrate flying.
Seeing it online is awesome and no doubt gets your heart a fluttering but Hun seein it on HD digital TV on Free to Air's new channel that focuses its self on teens is a whole new feeling and the finale RPatz reminding us the Wait is over was just the finale so to speak. It was HOT>>> It was so much better than watchin it on your lappy, it made it more real it reminded me just how close it actually is not to mention how hot it will be on cinematic screen... Those who missed it truly missed something wonderful...Sorry.... Though some good news......The vampire diaries is sponsered by the Twilight Saga and New Moon on channel go so Next week on GO Monday @ 8.30pm TUNE IN........No excuses for missing it twice!

Mwah...Hope your followin my blog....

SHow me there are mature aged fans that are as obsessed with The Twilight Saga as I am!!!
It was so good!
Come on November!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vmpire Diaries on channel 9 Tues. 10.30 pm NM trailer might be on again.. keep an eye out
im fom qld and i saw the trailer too! can't wait :D


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