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Ok whilst watching the Vampire Diaries on Sydney's newest Channel GO for digital Television....You'll never guess...Yes its true the NEW MOON TRAILER was aired for the very first time(that I am aware of) during the first ad break and I tell you My heart is racing my body shivering and Im excited.
The finale RPatz saying in his stunning voice "THE WAIT IS OVER"...

AWE MY F***N GOD!!!!

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It was trailer 3.....
I missed it, but it is on Channel 9 tonight at 10.30pm (West Australian time) so I am going to watch it. Not expecting too much...but REALLY want to see Rob saying "The wait is over"....Fingers crossed they have it on Ch9 tonight...

Please, please, please!!!
Oh no! Just watched Th Vampire Diaries on Ch9...but they didn't hve the New Moon Trailer or hoo!
how did i miss that?! i was scanning the tvguide for the vampire diaries. (i'm form WA too)
i hate not having a HD tv! (or set top box that actually works) I'm dying to see the trailer!!!!! i wonder when it will come on 7/9/10? I just bought my tickes to new moon!!! I'm SOOOO EXCITED!!!! it took me forever to decide which cinema to choose, but then i thought, hey, i'm watching new moon no matter which cinema i go to. :D:D i dont think i could have a bigger smile on my face right now hahaha
guess what 'Go ' channel is repeating Vamp. diar. again thursday nitght 10.30pm have your recorders ready. just in case they have the promo. on as well otheriwise try again Monday. Do you think that the station realises that maybe all the requests for it to be repeated was for the promo not the show?
I was watching Vampire Dairies too, the ad was on before the show even started.
Wow... I want to see that lol... as long as it is just that little bit different to the trailers i've seen about 300 times i'll be pumped lol.
hey guys. if u think its good seeing the trailer on tv u should see it in the cinema. i saw it the other day before watching Fame. thats an okie movie but could have waited for it to get to dvd. anyway. i've seen all 3 trailers in the cinema and this one like the rest just made me more excited to see the NEW MOON. the shots of Bella seeing Edward and when Edward leaves her. i had goose bumps and was nearly crying. i'll admit it. just got my tickets to the premier in Geelong. though didn't have to pay $80 for it.
I bought my tickets last week. It only cost me $25 per ticket for gold class tickets at marion in SA.

I have a psychology exam on the 20th so i can't go to the midnight screening, as being tired would not go down well with study, so i am going at 10am on the 19th.


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