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Does anyone out there know when New Moon is being released on DVD. Am hanging so then I can watch everyday.

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i think it comes out the same time that twilight did next year
I have read on one of the twilight fan sites its Feb 2010.
i have read that it is march 2010.hopefully it is right but then again sooner would be better!:)
i heard on (i think) that they heard its march 21st. but they dont know for sure.
i hope its february over march. the sooner the better!!
wooooohhhoooo. "twilight" on twitter just confirmed. sat march 20th new moon will be released!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
i take it back. i just went to pre-order it on sanity, and they say it ships in in april. available for april 14th :'( nooooooooooooooooooo. i'd get it off amazon but its only in uk, canada and us format.
Hi there. Apparently the New Moon DVD is being released March 20th. I'm hoping they will bring out a collectors edition just like they did with Twilight!!!!


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