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Just curious to find out what your favorite scenes were in New Moon? And do you think the soundtrack was perfect for the movie?

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To be honest didn't really notice the music as much as in Twilight. Though i think the music for when Edward leaves Bella was good. Kirsten really did a great job there. I think i'll have to watch it a few more times and get the soundtrack. Hard to pick my fav scene they did such a great job with the whole movie. i'd say either the scene with Jacob and Paul fighting, when Edward leaves Bella or when they r with the Volturi. I did feel the end a lil rushed but who would want this movie to finish.
I loved the music and the scene where the wolves were chasing victoria, and i loved seeing Alice's vision of Bella and Edward running through the forrest, bella as a vampire. I also loved the scene where alice returns and all of the dog comments she made. And of course the breakup scene, and the final scene with Edward and Bella when he popped the question, what a way to end it!! It was awesome. Bring on Eclipse.
Agreed. Hearing Damage, by Thom Yorke, plays over the montage scene when Harry Clearwater has a heart attack, where the wolves pursue Victoria and where Bella makes her way to the cliff. Awesome scenes all pieced together.

And the scene where the months tick by for Bella, with Possibility by Lykke Li playing, is inspired, and makes me cry.

Only seen NM twice so far but planning another one soon.
I love your name La Tua Cantante!!
I thought the most clever scene where Jacob jumps over Bella and Morphs into a wolf - awesome

I agree the music wasn't as memorable as Twilight - But it must have seemed fitting to me cos it didn't seem out of place, was late though!!!
i loved when jess qas tlkn to bella after the movie .. n i got the soundtrack before i watched new moon n its ok the music matches but like everybodys sed nto as memorable as twilight .. but i love bellas birthday scene to that was done well
What a sook am I... I cried at the scene where Edward leaves Bella, and cried again when Bella saved Edward in Italy! Loved Jacob morphing into the wolf too, and of course all shirtless scenes of Jacob - although I am passionately Team Edward still!! I also didn't notice the music as much while watching NM. I have the soundtrack, and agree it's not as good as Twilight.
How long till Eclipse?!
Awesome, I cried in the book so am guessing you might have also. Will take a secret stash of tissues!! Eclipse comes out in June as far as I am aware. I'm hearing some people say July, but I'm sure it's June. :D
yes, you're right....30th June, 2010. Definately take tissues.....Bella's nightmares where she is screaming made me bawl, when Edward leaves her & when Jacob tells her to go....OMG!!! My heart just breaks thru those scenes. :)
I like it when Jacob jumps easily through her window (effortless) and I like the scene where she tells him he is beautiful and he comments that she must have bumped her head. I like him calling Mike a marshmellow (funny). His acting seems so easy/natural as he has a carefree sense of humour. I hate the new contact lenses though that the vamps have (OOOH!!) They are just too fake and it messes with the movie a bit. After all, aren't they supposed to blend in?? Not likely. I absolutely loved the Twilight soundtrack (especially the song used for the baseball match by MUSE) I crank it up in the car. The New Moon sound track though may take a while to grow on me. When I first heard Equinox I was disappointed, but the song is actually starting to grow on me, so maybe the rest will as well??
Hey Di, I agree about the conctact lenses in NM. They didn't look human. The absolutely change the appearance of the vampires, and vampires are not supposed to change in appearance! Also, noticed that Edwards hair was shorter, not as big a "quoff"?
I noticed the same with the contacts. Also found Rosalies hair looked a lil fake. Just didn't look natural. Hope they fix that. Though already planning my next trip to see it in cinema. i'll be getting the soundtrack tom see if that helps.


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