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Just curious to find out what your favorite scenes were in New Moon? And do you think the soundtrack was perfect for the movie?

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I love the soundtrack so my fave two scenes were when Bella is sitting in the chair as the months go by with "Possibility" playing and te scenes with victoria in the forest with "Hearing Damage". Those two songs fit perfectly. I cried after Edward left Bella and when she was screaming in the bed....soo painful to watch.

My fave part of the book was when they came back from Italy and Bella thinks she is still asleep and Edward says all that stuff to her, always makes me shed a tear that chapter so i felt that was a bit lacking.

Worst scene...Alice's vision of Bella as a vampire...laughable!

But I would have to agree that the werewolf scenes were awesome. Loved the action.
Most everyone thinks Alice's vision was funny!! The Wolves were so well done!! And thought they conveyed the longing in Jacob's wolf eyes soooo well!! Brilliant!!
I must be a sook - I cried when Bella was screaming in bed too.
The contacts weren't all that good either and did anyone else notice the makeup on Edward? I just couldn't seem to look past how bad his makeup was because it was sooo obvious that it was just pale makeup caked on his face.
I agree that Alice's vision of Bella and Edward was laughable, the clothes especially and it just didn't fit with the scene from Breaking Dawn.
Other than that, it was pretty good, will be buying the DVD.
Can't wait to buy the DVD.Anyone going to Bali?? LOL Putting it on at home will be different to watch than in the movies. That's what was why it was funny. The scene of Bella as a Vampire. It doesn't fit with anything in Breaking Dawn. I commented about maybe she could have been jumping over a lake or eating. How funny would that be. But very messy and not romantic LMAO :D
I had that exact same conversation with my sister today. She suggested though that if they had shown her jumping over the lake or something more action like it may have been giving too much away to those who haven't read the book. That she was really strong and powerful as a vamp. I thought that maybe it should have just shown her jumping over a rock or something. To be honest I didn't even pick up that she was sparkling. Going to see it again tonight so I will pay more attention to that scene this time.
Oh yeah. That does make sense. I didn't see her sparkle either!!! Hmmmmm, must have had my eyes on the fantastically handsome Vamp. Drooooooooool :D
PS (Am dark green again!! I wish I was going again!! Am happy for you though. You always seem to pick up more the second time round and third etc etc LOL).
No you're not a sook, I cried when she was screaming in the bed too, unless I'm a sook too! I didn't cry up until that point but I did cry when I read it in the book. I think I watched too many spoilers on the net, must try to demonstrate some will power and not watch any for Eclipse lol :)
I didn't like the contacts either, the Cullens would not have blended in with eyes like that but I had a little theory that maybe CW made the eyes like that to try to sway some people over to Team JAcob. I must admit after seeing the movie I think it would be much healthier for her to go for Jacob, and I think that can all be put down to Taylor's fabulous performance. I found the makeup on Edward distracting also, the rims of his eyes put me off a lot in the movie. Anyway, some people loved the makeup in New Moon, I guess you can't please everybody.
I will certainly be buying the DVD and can't wait to watch it over and over like I did Twilight. I've been back to watch Twilight since I saw New Moon and still love it.
Well I went again last night and did pay more attention to the music. I had to remind myself a few times though. Still kept getting distracted by the beauty.

So my verdict on the music... there wasn't a whole lot of music. Other than the scene with the wolves and Victoria and Bella passing the months other music was either part of the scene (on the radio in the car or the shed) or just orchestral background music. So I still didn't feel any real connection with the music. Not like in Twilight- the baseball scene, Bella's lullaby. I don't know if it was intentional or not. Maybe Chris didn't see the music as something to overshadow what was going on on the screen. Maybe he whated the visuals to stand alone. Either way I still loved it.

I do wonder though how they came up with the sound track then.
for me it was Edward leaving, I was very worried that this could appear cheesy if not done properly, it bought tears to my eyes, even though I knew it was going to happen
I loved most scenes in the movie, they stayed true to the the book. Two scenes annoyed me a bit though. When Jacob is begging Bella not to go with Alice to Italy, Alice just sits there looking stunned. Also when Alice is showing the Volturi Bella as a vampire, she is made to look old fashioned. In the books she is meant to look really hot when she turns into a vampire.

I think the soundtrack is quite good, and i liked the way they used Bellas lullaby from the first movie in the second one.
Where did they use Bella's Lullaby in New Moon, must have missed that one. Will just have to go to see it again I
Just thought this was funny and is sort of a favorite scene now. I took one of my best girlfriends to see New Moon last week for her birthday. (Any excuse will do). She's only half way through the book. Anyway we are nearly at the end of the movie and Edward is driving in his car with Bella (of course) and Jacob jumps out into the street infront of the car with no shirt on looking pretty pissed off right. (And beautiful) Just before they go into the forest to talk. Well, my friend says, "Hello" out loud. Is was sooooooo funny!! People laughed. We are in our mid 30's and acting like teenagers. Anyway it was pretty damn hot! Even if I am still a Vampire girl. I can look at the Wolf boy right :DDDDD


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