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Just curious to find out what your favorite scenes were in New Moon? And do you think the soundtrack was perfect for the movie?

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the scenes... Ed walking across the car park with that smile.... the opening sequence...... Jacob speaking to bella in Quileut just before the kiss and the ringing phone.. the birthday kiss.. taking the shirt the movies when jake says bella needs a man with a stronger stomach..
but i am slowly getting to like the soundtrACk but I do need the connections explained to me...and why aren't they in the same order as they appear on the film? i missed the lullaby as well.
You will love the soundtrack. I love it. What's your fav song? I still don't konw where Meet Me On The Equinox is. I have a really baaaaaaaaaaaaad copy. Will have to watch it with out concentrating on the attractive cast and getting to involved in the story.
i have to watch it again to refresh my memory LOL!!! but one seen stands out is when bella fell off her bike and jacob took his shirt off he he!!! i also love the scene when jacob whispers stay with me in quileut, that made me cry!
Danielle. DROOOOL. teeeeheeee :D Something sexy about Jacob's voice. All these great scenes merging into one. How could you not want to see it again and again :D


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