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I was wondering wether you will be buying the soundtrack for New Moon before or after seeing the movie. As they will be releasing it on the 20th October. I am undecided.

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Like you I am undecided but knowing me I will get it before as it's bound to be a killer soundtrack like Twilight is
mmm me too, probaly after to be honest
yes i am undecided.
I will buy it asap it is like bringing the movie just another step closer. I have heard 'I belong to you' by Muse and I don't like it. I think I know where in the movie it will go so maybe I will appreciate it more after I have seen the film . But I have to buy it. my Twi. CD has been played so much the label has white patches on it.
lol so has mine. i listen to mine all the time in the car and when on computer. luv listening to it when i'm reading the books.
i always listen to it or paramore when i read the books. it kinda puts me more into the book i think :)
I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO buying it. I own everything from the movie twilight and I want to keep up my reputation !!
I have heaps of stuff too.

I own all of the prop jewellery, as well as about a dozen twilight pens, both the score and the soundtrack, and the dvd (of course). Plus heaps of other stuff including signed photos of heaps of the cast and film cells.
I have pre ordered my copy from iTunes, where if you pre order it from them before the release date, they give you several bonus songs that will be in the movie, as well as a free copy of the DCFC video of meet me on the equinox. They are also including a song by eskimo joe, but i am not sure whether this will be in the standard version or just the pre order version.

I have heard several of the songs already, but you have to remember that the version of 'i belong to you' that muse has done for new moon soundtrack is a new version of the song that they have redone and remastered just for new moon.

I just wish that the had included 'My immortal' by Evanescence, as that song would have been perfect for it. I also wish that they had included 'Need' by Hana Pestle, and 'I'm Here' by Australian Lee Safar.
They people putting together the new moon soundtrack were so impressed by Lee Safar though apparently, that they have said that they will mostly likely be putting one of her songs on the eclipse soundtrack.
Buying before. I have heard the previews for all the songs, ok but once i've seen the movie i know i'll want it so i'm gonna get it as soon as it comes out.
I've preordered mine on Amazon so it probably won't get here until just before the movie opens. I bought both soundtracks for Twilight and play them all of the time. I heard a preview of the soundtrack on and it sounds awesome. CAn't wait til the movie comes out!!!!
i'm gonna wait as long as i can to see if they bring out a deluxe version like they did with twilight. but i'll probably end up buying it the day before i go see new moon because im not patient enough.


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