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I realise there has already been the question of who is buying the Soundtrack before the movie, but interested if anyone besides me has it on the Aussie Site and what did you think of it? It's very different to the Twilight soundtrack but definately growing on me.

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I LOVE it. Very dark. Suits New Moon perfectly. Was shocked how much I LOVED the Twilight CD though. I expected to like it but not to the extent that I did. I really love Satellite Heart & Hearing Damage. They're all fantastic though. So great to hear artists I've never heard of before.
I like the twilight cd more. I listened to the new moon cd once but I think it is the type of cd you have to listen to many times before it grows on you. I have decided to only listen to it again after I've seen the movie, because then I will be able to relate to it better.
Yeah, you so right, it so different. its more urban...if I can put it like that. But its growing on me heaps, I love really love it, it will so suite new moon!
i must confess, i bought the cd last weekend and i havnt even opened it yet and im running out of this weekend to listen to it, i think that i will probably listen to it once before i see the movie and then listen to it again after i see the movie as i hadnt heard any of the music from twilight before i saw it and i still went and bought soundtrack after as i fell in love with the music when i saw the movie
Do you think the songs fit the story as we know it. Wolves singing about being homeless. that doesn't happen till breaking dawn. I can't say I love every track but it does not stop me from playing it over and over. straight after twi. soundtrack.
Hey there, I love the Twilight soundtrack so I bought the New Moon one as soon as it came out. (plus I wanted the poster!)
I wasn't a huge fan at first, but it's definitely grown on me now. I think the songs really suit the story, and I can picture where they fit in - it'll be interesting to see where they place them in the movie :)
Hi! Yes I have bought it and I have only listened to it once and found it OK. I think once I see the movie and the songs have more relevance I will appreciate the soundtrack more. I loved the Twilight soundtrack and I'm sure this will grow on me once I see the movie. By the replies here I may have to listen to it again!!
I wish Rob had some songs on it! :(
Nothing different than what I said earlier but I play it religiously.not that I will really noticed what music is where the first time i watch it..
Umm, hello has everybody not noticed that Eskimoe Joe is on it? An Aussie Band..its bloody awesome to see, and yes i also like the fact that they are not heard of bands making an appearance on the soundtrack, as there are ALLOT of great bands out there just waiting to catch a break!
I am pretty sure that Eskie are only on the Aussie version of the album, since none of the american sites that listed the playlist for the sountrack had Eskie listed.
Oh really...that just sucks..they are a great band, so am i right in guessing that they have just stuck on Eskimoe Joe to indulge the Aussie fans and keep us content? If so that sucks even more, they are a great band and should be recongised as such!!


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