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Hi im a relatively newbie to this site just the past month or so but I have managed to stumble around the site and have come across quite a few excellent fanfictions. Just wondering if anyone can reccomend good ones they have read and I will do the same :) I first came across most of these searching for midnight sun and I have been really impressed with most of them


Havent had much time lately to read fanfics so I am converting this to a random blah blah thread :D



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Thanks which part of breaking dawn? I have read a really good one of book 1 of BD
Last half of BReaking Dawn.
Thanks Annette I will have to check it out :)
Thanks!! I have read the two camping trip ones they are the best definately the funniest ive come across, I havent laughed that hard in ages . I dont know if I want to read a tear jerker though :(
cullens camping trip 1 is a must read- SOOO funny, still lauaghing to this day at some of the anticks especially Jasper!!!!! no 2 not so good but worth the read.
I have read a few.

I booked marked them all then lost them but have managed to find my favourite.
great site. search for others there.

Will try and look for some more and add when I can.
Thanks I will check it out. Ive found a few good ones too. On this site one of the best is the honeymoon by new twilight fan and Eclipse EPOV by erica
OMG This made me Blush and i'm OLD! Great style of writing just like it was from the book itself, but i would give it a MA+ rating
LOL Did you read it on this site?? Because that is edited hehe
no, read it from the link that Melsy posted!


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