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Hi im a relatively newbie to this site just the past month or so but I have managed to stumble around the site and have come across quite a few excellent fanfictions. Just wondering if anyone can reccomend good ones they have read and I will do the same :) I first came across most of these searching for midnight sun and I have been really impressed with most of them


Havent had much time lately to read fanfics so I am converting this to a random blah blah thread :D



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Oh I thought you were talking about the honeymoon. I just read Isle Emse too and I think I was probably blushing too...... a great read though
Oooh. A must read then!! LOL
Isle Esme and the honeymoon hehe will surely get your heart racing ;)
wow! took my breath away!
Just found a discussion on another group about the same. They have a great list.
Thanks for the link to this discussion Melsy that will keep me very busy, just what I was looking for! Finished Isle Esme today and loved it!
does anyone have the link to "The Cottage"?????
If you go to the honeymoon on this site there is a link to for the cottage but you have to join the site to see it. I think it is somehow linked to this site though because my friends from here who are on freedom automatically popped up on my profile
thanks for that. amazing how many stories are out there.....blown away by some of the far out concepts some of these are......Seriosly Bella and Edward brother and sister!.or former lovers or high profile business come on! you can't serious!
I know I tend not to read those ones, I like my Edward and Bella as is!! I saw another where Edward and Alice had died and Jasper and Bella got it on!!! I couldnt bring myself to read that!!
Hi guys this is a goodie first half of breaking dawn...Edwards point of view
This one is great it's not the full story but an exploration of Edward in Eclipse.....the writer has made him so Intense


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