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Hi im a relatively newbie to this site just the past month or so but I have managed to stumble around the site and have come across quite a few excellent fanfictions. Just wondering if anyone can reccomend good ones they have read and I will do the same :) I first came across most of these searching for midnight sun and I have been really impressed with most of them


Havent had much time lately to read fanfics so I am converting this to a random blah blah thread :D



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I am PMSL so much right now reading through this


*singing memories...*

ooh, I forgot about this thread


*goes back to the begining*

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! How have I missed this thread!!!! This thread was made for me!!!...PMSL!
It was an unofficial dedication yes...

*awww*.....thank you

you know I love it when you do unofficial things to me!

Oh I know *wiggling eyebrows*
I also love it when you wiggle your eyebrows at me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love that you love it when I wiggle my eyebrows at you!


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