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Hey everyone. It's been great reading everybodys thoughts on Twilight and New Moon. What's the chance we could all get a petition going and get as many names and members interested in getting Stephenie Meyer to get" Midnight Sun" on the shelves...after all it's not like she wasn't doing it until some fool ruined it for us.
I'm interested to see if we could get this going, could be fun.

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Please Stephenie!!!
OMG ME get that book out nowwwwww.............. plz!!!!
It would be amazing if she would get it finished and on the shelves...but we all need to remember that she was so hurt and upset by what happened that she said she was not in the right head space to finish it at the although the wait is terrible maybe we just need to let her get her self in the right place to finish writing it or it just wont be the way it should be...and as she said if she finishes it it now and she is not in the right head space the Cullens will lose and Bella will i for one don"t want that to happen
I read that too. And on another discussion they said that pettioning was not the way to go about it. She would not finish it if people were bugging her about it. Doesn't make sense to me though. I think that maybe she has finished it. Yes, she'd have been upset with her friend but how could she just leave it for soooooo long?? I like to think she's just teasing us and maybe she'll release it after Eclipse comes out or even Breaking Dawn at the Cinema. Long wait though........
OMG i so need a new twilight fix! i've been dying to read midnight sun ever since i started reading twilight and the first chapter of midnight sun in the back. i'll even admit that i'm one of those fans that just had to download it off stephanies website because i just couldnt wait to have more! even though i read those chapter which were almost up2 halfway(?) i would still run out and buy the book the second it was in stores. i'm dying to sit there and read my two twilight books(bellas pow & edwards pow) together at the same time. IT WOULD BE AWESOME! it just ticks me that it may have been out already if it wasnt for the person who leaked it!!!:(
I agree with you!! I want to put it right next to my other hard cover "Fabulous" editions. I have the everyday paperbacks which I read and pass on to friends. I would love to read Midnight Sun sooner rather than later though. It just stops...... Bad, VERY BAD )-:
When I first read Twilight it was a very unexpected surprise at the end! I couldn't believe how cool that was!! It was like a Magnum with Almonds Ice-cream. A Delicious Treat!!
My eyes can't handle reading it of the computer late at night.
Does anyone really think that if it wasn't leaked at all that we would even have a glimpse of half of what she has done. Probably not. That person should have been fired so fast their head would spin. That is teh way that I think of it, she needs to be in her writing mode fully before completing this so as not to let her fans down as well as co-workers and media.
oh, i really hope so! i badly need to read this
i want to know what Edward thinks about Bella
after all, her every book was successful- it follows also that the Midnight Sun should be finished also
I did hear in a recent interview that she still isn't in that headspace and that she has received numerous fan responses to complete Midnight Sun, she also mentioned that she hasn't been doing much writing with the time she is spending on the Eclipse movie and now the Host is also going to be a movie Who knows but I also hope she finishes it and like the rest of you despite having read the extract posted on her website I would still rush out and buy the book to reread all over again. It hasn't stopped me reading the current extract at least 11 times.
Hi everyone,
Thanks for putting your names down, hopefully we will get a lot more. I know its a long shot..but you gotta be in it to win it. I have read everything Stephenie has said about Midnight Sun on her website..but you can only hope that she changes her mind. If we all write some nice things...its a start anyway...power to the readers and fans.
Hey Stephenie,
If you happen to stumble across this discussion, I am one of the 40+ yr old housewives who loved your books and are hanging about like giggly 18yr olds waiting for more.... I too got a magic from these books...a magic of youth and the whole lost in love..and its difficulties. As we get older ..pop out a few kiddies..and have been with our husbands/partners for many years raising our bunch , we can get lost in the daily chores as you would understand from being a housewife and mother yourself. These books give us that thrill, youthful spark (even though fictional).It is a huge ask and we are probably all very greedy in wanting more..and when is enough for us..but just knowing Midnight Sun was nearly there ...within our reach..until ....It had a title, chapters. Just hearing Edwards thoughts..through your words..well that would be such a thrill to read.
I think Stephenie needs to clone herself ... I would also like her to finish the sequel to The Host, and I hear she is doing comics for Twilight as well ... and as well as finishing Midnight Sun and supervising Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, she has a family to raise ...the latter being often the most challenging, unpredictable and rewarding (this comes from my own experience of raising 5 boys .... or 6 if you include my partner). Not sure how you get the headspace to do all these things. Good luck Stephenie with whatever you decide. Thanks for Twilight and The Host ... it helped me at a time when I did not think I needed or could afford some magic in my life.


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